Todays Movie title brought to you by “D” for Dave.

Dave is honestly one of my all time favorite movies. It stars Dave, and Sigourney Weaver. Yes I know he has a name, but from this movie forward anything Kevin Kline was in my wife and I would say, we should go see “Movie Title” Dave is in it…

The entire thing is funny, All of it, every little bit of it makes me laugh. I don’t remember when I saw this, I think I rented it from Blockbuster Video. Doesn’t matter, if you want something lighthearted and fun with a good story and great acting go watch this. Watch it now… stop reading and go.

Locandina italiana Dave - Presidente per un giorno
Sad, but the only Movie poster I found was damaged.

This is what movies used to be. Please don’t get me wrong I like action movies and think the special effects kick ass… But, Plots might be nice… acting too. A lot of times now a movie is all about he effects and nothing else. In the case of comedy’s now they are almost always low brow. Have some fun today, laugh a little and give Dave a chance. Click the poster for a link on amazon to rent it.

What’s your favorite movie that starts with the letter “D”? Maybe Die Hard, Dr. Dolittle, or Deep Impact? Leave a comment and let me know. Oh, the Original Dr. Doolittle…

Favorite Quote(s) –
Dave – [singing in the shower] – Hail to the chief  he’s the one we all say “Hail” to. We all say “Hail”  Cause he keeps himself so clean!  He’s got the power,  That’s why he’s in the shower…

White House tour Lady – And we’re walking, and we’re walking, and we’re stopping.





18 Replies to “Todays Movie title brought to you by “D” for Dave.”

  1. You are absolutely right. My favorite scene is the one where Dave convinces the Budget Committee to dump the car commercials in favor of keeping the community centers open for the kids.
    My favorite D movie is Dora Heita, a feudal Japan movie that is really funny.

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  2. I’m pretty sure we watched this one in the theater, and I’ve seen it at least once on TV. It was cute, but not really my favorite. Of course, I’m not a big fan of comedies regardless of who’s in them, so there you go. I think my favorite D movies are the Die Hard series, especially 4 and 5 (“You killed a helicopter with a car!” “I was out of bullets.”), gotta love John McClane. 😀


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