F is for Flash Gordon – Savior of the Universe!

I know, I know… not what you were expecting. If you have been reading the last few day Flash Gordon certainly wasn’t something you expected from me. Let me just say this… Max Von Sydow… Plus music by Queen. Is the plot silly, YES. Are the special effects awful, YES! Is it in fact one of the greatest Superhero movies ever, Absolutely YES!

Just watching the trailer makes you want to indulge in this horribly awesome movie. It campy, and predictable some of the acting is, I think, intentionally bad.  Max Von Sydow was simply amazing though, playing the perfect evil stereotype villain. There is just something about perfectly nailing a stereotype that makes me laugh. If you look below at the original movie poster you can see who the real star of the film is…



If you click that poster… It will take you to another post I did a few years ago. I scoured the net looking for a legit type place to link for people to watch this movie. If you search you can find somewhere, sadly Neither Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon had it to rent. Amazon had it to buy at $9.99 which to me is money well spent, for you though… Hard to say. I own it and watch it every year or so. Santa brought it on Blu-Ray for me last year, along with another movie which you will find out when I get to “L”

Favorite Quote – Ming the Merciless – ” Klytus! Are your men on the right pills? Maybe you should execute their trainer! ”

Have a favorite that starts with the letter “F”? Post it in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe the “Frighteners”, or perhaps “Father of the Bride” Which is simply amazing by the way… Watch that. 🙂

…and if you wouldn’t mind to terribly, share this with others I’d love to break 300 followers. (Ming Would approve!)


22 thoughts on “F is for Flash Gordon – Savior of the Universe!

  1. Ha! Love that quote!

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  2. Great blog! Thank you for your interest in mine and I look forward to following yours!

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  3. scr4pl80 says:

    I haven’t seen Flash Gordon but I like Max Von Sydow and music by Queen! We are seeing Queen with Adam Lambert later this year.

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  4. like your site. i feel a wee bit old for it as i wasn’t up on some of your reference. but the visuals and your writing are muy bueno! i’ll be back. and thanks for visiting my site. flash gordon meets missionary mama from the early 20th century.
    Lightheaded: Retiring at 8300 feet

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  5. Sue Ranscht says:

    We were all so hyped because Queen was doing the music, we stood in line for the opening performance. You’re right, Von Sydow was brilliant, and the rest of it was kind of tongue-in-cheek campy fun. But the music? “Flash! Whoa-oh-oh” was a major let down. Like they had something more lucrative to do elsewhere, so they phoned it in. Do you feel the movie ever made cult status?

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  6. The best part of this movie was the theme song by Queen. 😛 Sorry, I thought this one was dumb the first time I saw it, and that hasn’t changed. Of course back then I didn’t mind watching dumb movies (He-Man, anyone? Not one of Dolph Lundren’s best) as long as they were funny, even if they didn’t mean to be, but I’ve since gotten to the point where my idea of funny and Hollywood’s are obviously not even in the same universe anymore, so… I get the acting was probably deliberately bad, I would hope it was deliberate anyway. “So stupid it’s funny” probably originated with this movie. It definitely had its moments, but watching it now would definitely make me wonder what I ever saw in it back then….Of course I say the same thing about He-Man, the original Spiderman and Captain America movies (and no I don’t mean the ones with Tobey Maguire…if you’re not old enough to know what I’m talking about, go look them up), and also the Wonder Woman series from the 70s, The Greatest American Hero from the 80s, the Spiderman live action series (I think also from the 80s)…I think I just outgrew campy movies/TV shows. Oh, and Spaceballs. I probably laughed myself silly at that one when I first saw it, but now flip the channel whenever I see it on…even if I do still recite a couple quotes from it occasionally (“We meet again, for the first time, for the last time…” or something like that 😛 )

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  7. bryantduhon says:

    Ah, movies that are so awful they become great. Flash Gordon definitely qualifies! And the soundtrack . . . spectacularly over the top. You can double-down on bad/great movies with Queen soundtracks with H!

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  8. rugby843 says:

    Haven’t seen this in years, but I enjoyed it when it came out. I haven’t seen 1408, but like those actors. Samuel J is an interesting actor. He plays anything, and does it well!

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  9. rugby843 says:

    The same applies to John Cusack and his sister, Joan.😍


  10. rolandclarke says:

    I love this movie for its campiness, especially the always watchable Max von Sydow. Music was great too – and I remember Flash in B&W too so there were subtle homages. Other movies starting with F might include Fright Night but my favourite would be Fahrenheit 451 which I just mentioned in a recent review of the book. Also, The Frighteners is a great movie, but then it is directed by my favourite director.

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  11. ipsyb says:

    Interesting. I did fictional characters last year and your posts made me think of them. F is also for “the fugitive” one of my favourites and Fatal attraction! All the best with the rest. http://www.asliverofmoonbeam.blogspot.com

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  12. I may have seen IT with my sister and my father. But I am not sure. I wouldn’t say no.

    F movie I liked…Can’t remember for now.

    My F post: “Which fictional character that you created is your favorite, and why?”


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