Who You Gonna Call? “G” is for Ghostbusters!!

Ghostbusters is the very first movie I ever saw in theaters more than once. I ran into a room whenever I heard the trailer playing on the TV and I had MTV on hoping to catch  the Music video and my radio tuned to 106.1 BLI hoping they would play the Ray Parker Jr. song. My friend and I would play laser tag in the dark in my basement with this song playing just to make it cooler… yes indeed… Embarrassing to say the least.

The movie itself, for me lived up to all that I hoped. I didn’t know who the actors were at that time I just knew I love it and every penny I had went to going to see it… three whole times. Which when your a kid and have a tiny allowance takes some doing. I’m certain if you have not already seen this film you will LOVE it… Never mind the remake they recently did… and Ghostbusters II while fun wasn’t nearly as good. It’s a fond memory and one I shared with my kids.

Favorite Quote – Winston – “Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”!

“G” was a tuff one for me, I find myself not so much second guessing as thinking of films people may not have seen to recommend. In the end though I have to go with what stands out as something I experienced rather then just a great movie. On that note, Some lesser known movies you can give a shot too. The Game, a thriller with some huge twists. Ghost Ship the opening scene is… quite spectacular.

Have a favorite? Add it to the comments. Thanks for reading along.


10 Replies to “Who You Gonna Call? “G” is for Ghostbusters!!”

  1. I loved the Ghostbusters films! The latest one, not so much, when I was not even against women playing the leads (I actually was supporting them). Loved the TV cartoons, too, definitely!

    Ghost Ship beginning…I so agree with you. That was what scared me the most because it came as a real shock. I saw it on the bus.

    G movie…first that comes to mind is…The Goonies!!! (nevermind the “The”).

    My G: GRRRR-rammar!!!


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