Best Number Movie – 30 Days of Night! A bonus A to Z challenge post.

Yes, I know we don’t do postings for the A to Z challenge on Sundays. The problem with that is a numeral movie title isn’t part of the alphabet and while I could certainly squeeze it in… It won’t hurt anything to add an extra post. Next Sunday I might just make a list of really good films people may not know about.

So… 30 Days of Night is a horror movie with my all time favorite monster(s) in it, Vampires. Let me say this is definitely not for everyone. It is absolutely Vampires being Vampires… Claws and fangs and no remorse.

Not one Vampire, not two, not sparkly, or shall we say charismatic womanizers… But a dark, malevolent scourge of Vampires. They have no redeeming qualities, are sly and crafty but when the sun sets for 30 days that small Alaskan town becomes their playground.

Image result for 30 days of night orignal poster

This is unlike any other Vamp movie made I can think of. I can’t even give you a favorite quote like I did in the other posts because my favorite lines all came from the Vampires and were subtitled so they aren’t things I say to people. yes, I use most of those quotes I like when talking (laugh) Perhaps I should learn the language.

As usual, here are a few other number titled films you can watch.  1408, is one of my favorite films, has John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in it and is based on a  Stephen King short story. 12 Angry Men which simply hold up beautifully and should be watched.

Have a favorite? Tell me about it in the comments.

11 Replies to “Best Number Movie – 30 Days of Night! A bonus A to Z challenge post.”

  1. Oh, this one’s scary. I really wouldn’t want to be in a place like that ’cause I will always remember this.

    Other vampire movies I remember (at least, I know I’ve seen them):
    Lost Boys
    The sequel to this which title I don’t remember
    Underworld series (of course)
    Resident Evil (they qualify as vampires)
    Interview with the Vampire

    I KNOW there are more…Will get back to you.

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      1. I don’t even remember much about Lost Boys. Saw it once on TV and I’ve never been tempted to watch it again.

        Anyway, these days, zombie movies seem to be the more in-thing. I love zombie films! Even when I was a kid, I was probably more afraid of them, mainly because they come in herds and you didn’t exactly know how to kill them (well, based on what they say nowadays, go for the brain! he he!). So it’s obvious, I’m a Walking Dead fan πŸ˜‰

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