Hercules – Disney’s Finest Film.

Hercules is  the best Disney ever made in my oh so humble opinion. I know not many will agree with me considering all the films they have made and I am not counting “Up!” That’s to me is Pixar and separate. I love Hercules, the music the actors playing the roles all of it make me laugh and I watch it once a year.

I took my Daughter to see this when she was 5, it is the first movie we saw together that we could have any type of conversation about afterwards. It was mostly along the lines of “He beat up the snake guy” and “How did he light his thumbs on fire” but still… Its a good memory.

For you nice folks reading here… It’s a story about finding your place in the world. It’s a journey of discovering who you are and how you fit into the world outside of what people expect. It’s a good story! Like all Disney, it has good music and lot’s of smart jokes for the adults and silly ones for the kids. Some of the jokes probably don’t hold up to well anymore, like when Hades says “Two thumbs, way way up!” and then his thumbs burst into flame, but still , I think Sisklel and Ebert probably laughed.

Favorite Quotes –

Pain & Panic – Somebody call IX I I    (that’s 911 in Greek Numbers)

Hades  – Pretty Much everything he said.
“Two thumbs way, way up”

“Woah… is my hair out”

“It’s a small underworld after all”

That’s it for “H” A few other fun films for you to watch.  Highlander, the entire soundtrack by Queen, and if you watch more then one in the movie series or the TV show just accept that they make no sense together, at all (laugh). Harry and the Hendersons, this is about a family who adopt… Bigfoot.


12 Replies to “Hercules – Disney’s Finest Film.”

  1. Wasn’t expecting that one for H. My personal Disney favourite is ‘The Rescuers’. I think it depends on when and where you see a Disney film first. They get attached to family memories.


  2. I LOVED Hercules. It was on Netflix for quite sometime and my kids got their fix. My daughters too young to understand didn’t grasp any of the actual plot, and my step son did not seem very impressed. haha. I will definitely try again when we are a little older.

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  3. My oldest daughter was hooked on this. I must’ve watched or half-watched this while working and she was glued to the VHS tape 60 times. And yet the first thing I think of when I hear Hercules isn’t this movie or the Greek demi-god, it’s Eddie Murphy as Sherman (the Nutty Professor’s) mom, clapping and saying “Hercules, Hercules, Hercules.”

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