Identity, Todays A to Z challenge letter!

Identity is a sadly missed movie from 2003. It took me forever to finally get around to watching this and that after a constant nagging by my wife. I have to tell you, other then Goodfellas I HATE Ray Liotta, My wife knows this. She also knows I really do like John Cusack, so she kept at me until I gave in. Then she sat with me and watched me, watch the movie… I hate that too, until about 15 minutes in then I was completely into figuring this all out.

Mystery Thriller, not usually my bag unless it’s exceptionally good. This is, even better it’s not one of those mystery’s where you don’t get the clues… So you can possibly figure it out. I’ve never actually recommended this movie but when having to come up with a title to go with the letter “I” for the A to Z Challenge this was one I felt maybe a lot of people hadn’t seen yet.

Favorite Quote – Paris – That’s not possible. I was standing right there. I saw what happened. We all saw what happened.

I had some others I was considering Of Mystery Thriller isn’t your thing… But if you liked Se7en, Sixth Sense, Arlington Road… Things like that you will Love this. Want something a bit more light hearted In & Out with Tom Sellick and Kevin Klein.

Have your own favorite? Lets hear it!

8 Replies to “Identity, Todays A to Z challenge letter!”

  1. I actually saw this in a movie theater (don’t usually go there). I’m a pretty good guesser but this one really fooled me so it’s a big thumbs up! They were a few minor things I was complaining about that I felt misled me but i don’t remember them now.

    Thinking of an I movie I loved…

    My I post: I Not Stupid (A Review)


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