Welcome To “J” Jurassic Park – Dinosaurs Rule!

A little more information for you folks. I am, well 45, maybe 46 I would have to ask my wife to be sure I don’t keep count. Anyway, I tell you that so you will understand some things. When I was in Elementary school we would have a weekly trip to the library as part of the curriculum. Most of the boys would go to the section with either the dinosaurs or sports. Not sure what the girls did. 🙂 We had a TV show that was on called Land of the Lost with what I now know was awful effects. Dinosaurs were the topic of book reports and stories for me, or monsters… like Godzilla, but I was captivated and it never really left me. Before you judge my Godzilla comparison, the pic below has a T-Rex in it… you tell me. I had very serious little boy ideas about being an archeologist.

Image result for dinosaur time book

Now comes 1993, I had been married for a year was in the military and had a 1yr old at home. I see a trailer… this one below. I found a cleaned up audio copy, but this was it.

Where we lived at the time there was a three screen drive in theater and that is where I saw this movie. When the Dinosaurs are finally revealed I got such a thrill from it. What looked to me like real Brachiosaurus walking through a field, took my breath away. Finally, I got to see them. My reaction I think…was simply …Oooooohhhhhh… and if an outside person had been watching they would have heard an Ohhhhh coming from the entire field of cars watching.

I had read the novel by Michael Crichton so I knew the story but the impact… This is one of the very few times when I can say I enjoyed the movie more then the novel, including Jaws. I felt like a kid again for a few minutes and that’s a great gift when you think of the amount of responsibility I had at that time for such a young man. To feel like a kid… Wow.

Favorite Quote –  Welcome to Jurassic Park

Have a favorite “J” Movie, leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading.

17 Replies to “Welcome To “J” Jurassic Park – Dinosaurs Rule!”

  1. I totally agree with you about the movie vs. the book. The book was okay. I liked it well enough. But no matter how detailed the descriptions were, you still didn’t get to actually see the dinosaurs.

    One of the things that really impresses me about the movie is that even today, the special effects still look pretty good. There were a lot of other movies from the same era with CGI monsters that did not age so well.

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      1. Yes, exactly! I realize Jurassic Park had a huge budget, so I get why it outdid other movies at the time, but the technology supposedly got better and cheaper since then.


  2. Thanks for taking me back to a happy time. My kids were young. The movie was much anticipated and we loved it. We even went to Burger King (?), afterwards for the sponsored meal with Jurassic Park cups. Husband was in the military and movie and dinner out was a rare treat for us.

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  3. I loved Jurassic Park and went “Oooooh” too when those dinosaurs appeared. That is why, when we went on a cruise around Hawaii, I had to go on the helicopter flight over “Jurassic Falls”. We didn’t land but it was breathtaking just the same.

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