Kindergarten Cop – Arnold Surprises!

Kindergarten Cop was released in 1990 prior to that Arnold Schwarzenegger had been in a total of one comedy, Twins with Danny DeVito. Kindergarten Cop was his first Top Billing in a comedy and it sure was a surprise to me. It made the way for sequels, remakes and, copies with actors that were typically typecast in a role. Dolph Lundgren in Kindergarten cop II, Vin Diesel The Pacifier neither was as great of course and always make me want to go back to Kindergarten Cop.

That poor kid eating other peoples lunches… He’s not my favorite but that is one of my favorite scenes. Every scene with Linda Hunt just cracks me up, she was an amazing Principle. All of the kids were adorable and the interaction was just funny all around. I’m sure between takes Arnold was used as a Jungle Gym by all those kids.

It’s a fun movie, it will make you laugh especially if you only have seen action movies with Arnold as the star. If you like this Try Twins, Junior too but I liked that a lot less.

Favorite Quote – Kimble – I have a headache.

Kid – it might be a tumor.

Kimble – It’s not a tumor! It’s not a tumor. At all!

“K” Was a hard one in one sense, there are not a lot of films I enjoyed that start with this letter. K-Pax was interesting, Kill Bill… What’s your favorite?


10 Replies to “Kindergarten Cop – Arnold Surprises!”

  1. It was okay, just not that funny enough for me. But the kids were cute–plus points!

    K movies: Karate Kid, Kill Bill, Kung Fu Panda…I know I should put here Kramer vs Kramer but I was young and could not relate to it much


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