The Lion King – Who’s the Master!

This one is a bit different, I had some choices when It came to this particular letter on the A to Z Challenge. There were a total of three different movies on my list when I started that were chosen because of my kids. My Son had Chicken Little, as we already discussed and my younger daughter will be on the letter “P” when we get there… For this one though, it’s my oldest child’s movie. The one she watched in her swing for hours and hours… the one that wore out copies on VHS, three to be exact… The Lion King. She is 22 now, and I told her I was doing this and she said to me, “What about (Redacted movie title)” because… that’s  “L” too and lets be honest one is the King… but let me ask you “Who’s the Master”?

So I’m stuck, I decided this this Sunday will be a special “L” post with the above redacted title. So you will have to wait 🙂 Now onto Business… For your reviewing pleasure, I present!!!


Great music fantastic voices and a darn good story… Plus one of the hyenas has the same name as someone you all sort of know… Even if I am in pixelated form. I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t seen The Lion King. Like I said earlier we went through three copies of this on VHS because they wore out, thank goodness my wife and I both like Elton John, because this was never off for almost 3 years. I can sit and quote the entire movie to this day and it has been a good 15 years since I watched it. Right now I am humming the opening, except I change the words… stupid internet. (Pink Pajamas Penguins on the Bottom).

Image result for lion king movie poster

Hard for me to pick a favorite quote for this one. I just kind of sang along and the dialogue sort of gets lost in my head. I checked around for quotes and couldn’t find something I really liked so Ill just keeping singing to myself.

Have a favorite? What is it? Is it (redacted movie title)



8 Replies to “The Lion King – Who’s the Master!”

  1. I went to see this with my father at theatres, might have been the last one we saw together before he died. There was a gunny bear on the screen, and I made him sit front row, so we were very much certain of the orgins of the mysterious mole that showed on simba face exclusively in Houston TX. When it came out to VHS I was ecstatic when we were able to afford it. I told my daddy, “look it’s the Lion King, the one we saw in theatres.” “No it’s not,” he said. The argument persisted until I was so about to burst and he said, “there’s no gummy bears in this one.” 😉

    Now, of course, passing on the magic is most the fun. And I showed it to my stepson. As an ex-englisj teacher I ask what is going on from time to time to check their comprehension, “what just happened?”
    He at the age of 5 answered, “that little girl’s daddy died.” LOL I was apparently asking the wrong question.
    “That’s not a girl, that’s the sweet voice of every pre teens 90s heart throb, JTT. ”

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