Multiplicity – M in the A to Z Challenge

Multiplicity starring Michael Keaton and Andy Macdowell is one of my all time favorite movies. Keaton did an amazing job playing multiple characters, but not really. The entire premise is hysterical and nothing but nothing makes me laugh harder than #4.

Doug just can’t seem to keep up with everything life throws him, the solution CLONES! yep, clones, slightly less perfect copies of the original. The interplay between Doug, his clones and his wife is just so hysterical to me . The different personalities of the clones, even playing off of each other amazes me I’m kind of chuckling to myself typing this. There is no CGI in this, it didn’t exist at the time this was all old school movie magic.

Favorite Quotes –  Doug #4 – Did you bring me a Monkey?

Almost everything Doug #4 did I found funny, I think I’m going to go throw this in the DVD player now before moving on to other things today… Break time!

Have a favorite “M” movie? Lets hear about it!


10 thoughts on “Multiplicity – M in the A to Z Challenge

  1. I never saw this movie. I like Michael Keaton and the movie sounds interesting. I am going to see if it’s on Netflix. If it is, I will watch it this weekend sometime. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

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  2. scr4pl80 says:

    I haven’t seen this one either but I do like Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell. Another good suggestion. Between the book reviews and the movie reviews I am seeing through this challenge, I have quite a list growing!

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  3. Joe Owens says:

    I remember Andie for her funny turn in Groundhog Day, a movie that almost makes February bearable.

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  4. I enjoyed this movie way back. For me… the first M movie I love that came to mind was Monsters, Inc. (I am such a child…!)

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  5. I saw this before. It’s just okay.

    M movies: Magnifico (Filipino), Mga Munting Tinig (Filipino), The Matchmaker (1997), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Miss Congeniality, Monsters Inc., Mystery Men


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