S is for Superman!

Superman 1978 with Christopher Reeve as Superman. I have such strong memories of this movie. Its only the second movie I can remember seeing in theater. I could just as easily put the first movie I remember here which is Star Wars but, Superman has a stronger memory attached to it, similar to Jurassic park, except I was seven years old.

My son and I had just watched Batman Vs Superman, I liked it but… That’s not the Superman I know. So I showed him Reeve’s Superman and Hackman’s Lex, clips from YouTube. It still got me the scene with the helicopter… I felt just as I did when I was seven… awed. That’s what movie memories are… anyway. He Remembered watching it with me when he was younger so the saga of movie memories continues.

The effects don’t hold up, the acting does, to me anyway. Gene Hackman was awesome and to this day IS Lex Luthor to me. I don’t like what they have done with Superman, he isn’t so much a force for good anymore, more like convenience. Christopher Reeve played it boyish and a bit naïve maybe but he played it pure. A Hero does good and is responsible. If you want to see Superman as he should be go back and watch I, and II. Ignore III it was just bad, heck so was IV.

Favorite Quote – Lois Lane – “You’ve got me, who’s got you?”


10 thoughts on “S is for Superman!

  1. There is this moment when you see Christopher Reeve change his posture and demeanor to become Clark Kent, and it speaks to how underrated he was as an actor. I am quite fond of this film.

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  2. You’re right about the effects. We’re spoiled now, and going back to rewatch classics that we remember loving is often ruined by our upgraded expectations. Great acting and a timeless storyline can overcome that, though.

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  3. Nothing can ever beat Christopher Reeve’s Superman. I used to love watching this when it came on TV back in the day. I don’t see it playing often these days which is a pity.

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  4. cynthiamvoss says:

    I remember being amazed when I first saw it as a kid. I think to me, this is always going to be Superman. I agree with what you say about what they have done in more recent movies. Nice post.

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  5. rolandclarke says:

    |Great acting from a fine cast makes this my favourite Superman – TV included, although I watched the series decade or so avidly.

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  6. scr4pl80 says:

    Nice post. I don’t watch many of the comic movies but I did like this one.

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  7. Christopher Reeves is Superman…no one else can take his place in my heart.

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  8. I saw the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeves at the drive-in. It was playing with the movie Oh God with George Burnes.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

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  9. Iain Kelly says:

    Couldn’t be anything else – love this film!

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