Cool thing I Invented, just talking to myself.

I feel it is important now that we are halfway through the 2017 A to Z Challenge that I let people know exactly what kind of ridiculous stuff normally appears on my blog. I have picked up…well, I think 78 new followers (HI FOLKS!) and it seems only fair to warn them ahead of time. Let me also say, the last few days have been hard for me to get to everyone’s blogs like I had been at the start. For example… It 7pm and I just started looking at all of yours 🙂

You see while I do love movies, other then making vague references to them and on occasion giving a review on something I just saw. Usually this Blog is my just throwing the crazy out.  Sometimes I write about Evil Overlords, Ninja’s, Garden Gnomes, Kitchen Appliance Revolts… you know Life… so here goes —

Appliance Conspiracy


I broke my fingernail on my thumb today. Let’s be more specific shall we? I tore the thingy on my finger that attaches the nail to the finger… the Ummm whatever-ma-thingy, and it hurts. I had to put a Band-Aid on it since I did such a good job crippling myself. I have to tell you, it’s really hard to type this way. I keep hitting more than one key, and since I watch the screen when I type it looks like one big page of red underlines. similar to this. The I go back and click with the mouse to fix it all… since the mouse is fully Band-Aid enabled, no special tools needed.

HYi hterd did uyo knoiw its rellky difficul;t to type wearibn bandaisds?

Image result for bandaid  funny

I have also discovered that it is even harder to use your phone with a Band-Aid covering the what-cha-ma-thingy. The keys are to small for my finger to begin with and touchscreens cant register Band-Aid assisted inputs.

Image result for bandaid thumb

Someone needs to make touchscreen enabled Band-Aids. They can call them Finger-what-cha-ma-thingys… Maybe add some cartoon characters to them or make them SCATCH AND SNIFF…. PERFECT! Scratch and Sniff Finger-what-cha-ma-thingys. Best Idea EVER!!!!

Image result for scratch and sniff funyI did warn you…


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