Twister – Todays Movie for A to Z

I know that twister isn’t the first Disaster type movie, but to me it sort of kicked off the natural disaster reboot in the late 90’s and I like those movies. Granted Twister was small scale, but it was so well done that it actually does hold up today. I’m also a big fan of the actors I had/have a small crush on Helen Hunt, and Bill Paxton who recently passed away was a phenomenal actor.

While completely unbelievable in some areas… it’s still a fairly accurate depiction of a Tornado and those crazy people who chase the things. If you are reading this and you are a tornado chaser…. Yes, I said your crazy. I’ve see a few Tornados when I was driving from Utah to Florida and I hate to tell you… Really neat to see…. but. They scared me, I’ll take my yearly dose of Hurricane over these things any day of the week.


Image result for twister original movie poster

If you somehow missed this film, go watch it. If you have go watch it again. The effects still hold up, for you trivia people this was the first film put out on DVD because it benefited hugely from the higher sound and definition over VHS. I still have my copy here and Blu-ray too… I think I need to have a yard sale 🙂


Favorite Quote – Dusty – It’s the wonder of nature, baby!


9 Replies to “Twister – Todays Movie for A to Z”

  1. Man you’ve really been hititng those movies that I have special memories with my father. This one dad loved to pick on me throughout “don’t get too attached to this person” he would say for almost every character to get me all worked up. 😉

    Did you hear about the drive-in theatre that had a tornado hit it while airing the movie Twister?

    RIP Paxton

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