A to Z challenge for the letter “V”

I had to put some thought into this one, you see there aren’t a lot of movies that I liked that started with “V”. I mean, John Carpenters Vampires, I love James woods.. but I can’t say this was really all that good. V for Vendetta? Ahhh.. no thanks, it was ok and I must admit I quote it sometimes… but still. I wanted something That had a memory attached to it for me, like the others. So here it is.. an odd choice for me. May I present to you, Victor/Victoria.

Now, I have never actually seen this movie… not once. I have heard it and caught clips of it though. You see long ago I worked at a small company named Blockbuster Video. Every month we would do inventory and this was one of the movies my Store Manager would play so we would have background sound while scanning the whole place. Over the course of the 13 years I worked there, even after I was a Store manager and later a Trainer… If I was doing an inventory or even overseeing one.. I had to play this… and some other musicals but this one stuck (laugh). It reminds me of late night goofing with coworkers while goofin a bit. Oh and that link if you click it… There are still Blockbusters out there, and on demand.

Image result for victor victoria original movie poster

So, while I can’t say you should watch this… let me say if you are doing some mindless task that you just need to have some background for, this is the one 🙂 Or maybe South Park 🙂 (South Park is one giant musical curse fest)

Favorite Quote – The entire inventory crew to our Store Manager – “Seriously, again… COME ON!!!!!”


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