Help! My Blog Is Discontinued!

After the madness that was April I decided to do some sprucing up around this place. I added three pages, one for the small pile of A to Z challenge award Pixelated wall plaques, another for about me and a contact page. Then I started looking at new formats for the blog itself. You see the Theme for this blog, the layout… it’s discontinued, retired… no longer supported or… BLAM, gone! I can still use it obviously but I was considering new ones.


So??? Anyone really happy with theirs? Something they really love. What about a paid account instead of this free one… Are you happy with what you all have?


That’s it really except… Thanks for coming by


Old system 023



8 Replies to “Help! My Blog Is Discontinued!”

  1. Totally not a bad post! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I have two sites, one here and one on Blogger, both free and I’ve managed to figure out (with the help of an A to Z cohost) how to post on Blogger and then it automatically posts here on WordPress. I’ve been thinking about paying for a WordPress domain because I’d like to try to make some money with the blog and I think that the paid one will let me do some advertising. I’ll be interested to see what comments you get here!

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  2. I am fairly new to blogging, having been at it for just over a year now. I started with the free plan at WordPress, and am still on it. I have debated whether or not I should move to a paid plan with my own domain, and am still on the fence. I feel that I don’t really get enough traffic to warrant paying at this point. Blogging is also a side project for me, so I don’t really have any plans to make money with it at this time. But, then again, supposedly your own domain gets you more traffic… I do like my theme though. I have not checked if it is discontinued or not.

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  3. I use a kind of a basic theme… very simple… but I love it. I like the level of customization I get (for free). It’s called Twenty Ten (which means it’s old…). I do pay for my own domain,… but I am not paying for a WP plan. The domain cost me $26/year. That’s the only thing I pay for. I’d love to make $ from my blog but I don’t have the follower numbers for that… and I’d have to self-host (unemployed… money issue)… and I kind of hate blogs with ads all over the place — it’s a bit obnoxious and often, I won’t stick around. I don’t want to do that to the followers I do have! πŸ™‚

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      1. I think I filtered my search of the free themes… like, I wanted one that definitely had certain things… it narrowed it down. And other than that, I just looked at the samples and chose. I spent way too long… like, hours. But I kind of enjoy that stuff so I didn’t mind!

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  4. My theme is called Suits and it’s not too shabby. The best thing to do is try a bunch and see what you like. Customising isn’t too bad (although in attempt to make it simpler, I feel like they made it more complicated, lol).

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