Free Light Show – An Age Old Wonder!

I have been driving legally since 1988, like most people I have my  share of tickets from those younger dumber days. I have gotten tickets for the dumbest reasons and some rather stupid (on my part ones).

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This of course ended with me saying that I did “Pay for a nice light show”. On occasion I would add in something about being cheated on the dancers, or they should have had a comic to warm me up first. My cousin was a volunteer firefighter at the time and had a blue light-bar on his truck and would occasionally flip it on just for me so I could get my “Fix” before driving home, hoping to keep me from getting another ticket.

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I had lightshows for speeding, no headlights, driving on the beach, driving off road (in a Camaro), Swerving (hey it was a good song), Loud muffler (same Camaro… the donut ring would snap once a month), One I got citations for 12 things all in one stop because my humor about joke’s or dancing didn’t go well. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t as amused as I was… still isn’t but she married me anyway. When she reads this I will get snarked at again I’m almost certain of it.
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I only get free lightshows now, other people pulled over, firetrucks going by, ambulances on there way to save lives. It’s not as exciting as it was, I’m not as foolish as I once was I suppose. Maybe I’m just boring, who knows?
What’s the dumbest thing you ever got a ticket for?



6 Replies to “Free Light Show – An Age Old Wonder!”

  1. I’ve managed to make it through life only ever getting one ticket, and that was a rip-off. One of those short lights, where if you’re in the wrong spot when it turns yellow, you have to decide whether to slam on your brakes, speed up a little to make it through on time, or run the red light (and there’s always a cop waiting there for a fresh victim). I sped up.

    My stupidest driving related thing, though, was not noticing my driver’s license had expired until the grace period had gone by, and I had to retake both the written and driving tests in my 40s.

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  2. LOL – I had an accident once when I fell asleep at the wheel and hit the guard rail (thank God it was there!). I got a ticket for “driving too fast for conditions” Ummm driving too fast in my sleep? Ya think? (I was okay by the way because I slept through it but the car was kinda banged up).

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      1. Well, to be honest, the crash into the guard rail woke me right up, but I didn’t get to see the light show 😦 I was young and very stupid to think I could stay up all night and then drive home 4 hours and be in time for work.

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  3. Awww, no fun stories here. I got pulled over on the way to christian rock concert because my registration was expired. Then upon closer inspection they found it was a counterfit. I had no idea, I had just purchased it used so luckily I got off with a warning.

    What I can tell you is there is plenty I should have been pulled over doing in college…but somehow, miraculously, never was caught…which is worrying in and of itself perhaps.

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