Happy Tuesday! Lets Play a Game, Shall We?

I like games, a little less on the board games then I used to but, I play them when there is no power, no internet and, no way in hell I can get out of it. Games have become all about the computer now… for most of us.

Image result for classic board game collection
My favorites are Scrabble and more old school ones such as Chess, or Othello (stones). We have a lot of games here in my house though. My wife is a fan of a game called Mastermind where you are supposed to catch a art thief… I think similar to clue. I wouldn’t know though as I haven’t played it. 🙂 Kids play it with her. The there is Mad Magazine… which I had to get on EBay for her birthday once year since I couldn’t find one in a store.
Image result for cMad magazie game
The kids I managed to get interested in Chess, although I would say their favorites were always Candyland when they were younger. Now it’s card games (I taught them Poker too). They play Exploding Kittens and Disturbed Friends, Magic the Gathering and several others one looks like it has Gnomes on it… weird. Although I guess considering I Played Dungeons & Dragons I’m not one to talk… (they play that too a little).
Image result for munchkin card game
The weird Gnome game I spoke of it’s pretty fun!

Then of course, there is Monopoly…. in it’s many, many forms of play. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, You name it there is a version for Monopoly, I think we have four different versions, Including one with the original lead pieces that looks well loved. I have quite a few of the old retired pieces. This year Monopoly retires three more and adds new ones.

Image result for lead monopoly pieces
What is your favorite Board Game… or any game for that matter… want to play?



7 Replies to “Happy Tuesday! Lets Play a Game, Shall We?”

  1. Yahtzee was/is a favorite of mine. Played tons of Clue except I usually won so people stopped wanting to play with me. Canasta was a good card game. Now mostly I play just Words With Friends and the ever popular Candy Crush.

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  2. I love playing Trouble. I don’t know why… maybe it’s the satisfaction I get when I land on someone and send them back to start. I’m evil. We have a Star Wars version, too. The kids and I have been playing The Game of Life lately. One day I didn’t want to play and I said, “Oh, come on… I hate Life.” They thought that was hilarious. We used to play The Simpsons version of Clue but it got too easy for all of us. I always win Scrabble so they hate playing that with me. And my son always wins at chess…

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