I do not like Spam – Spammed I am!

Spam, I got spammed yesterday. Comments on my blog were 58… 53 of them were spam. Usually the automated system catches them all. Occasionally it catches a few legitimate people as well which is why I check everyday. I wouldn’t want people who are trying to communicate with me to be unable to do so.


Askimet did a pretty good job until yesterday. I suppose it is bound to happen from time to time. What helps you folks out? Do you use anything extra special to help keep the spammy comments in check?



I saw this while looking for the no Spam symbol…. Someone talk me out of this please (LAUGH)




4 Replies to “I do not like Spam – Spammed I am!”

  1. Me too!!! I wonder if it has something to do with that spectacular award you nominated me for! I noticed they were going for posts that were years old so I have started deleting the older ones. Any other suggestions?

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    1. I looked at some plugins… but they all seemed to be a bit excessive. One of them banned entire country IP address’s I would never do that some of the people who follow me would be blocked and they are nice folks. For now I’m just going to have to go through daily. Yesterday was nuts though.

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