Christmas Funnies – MadTV’s Rudolph Trilogy!

Over the years I have put up bits and pieces of these on here.  I’m not certain of it, but… It’s likely. This morning I was going through “On this day”, for FB and saw a bunch of them. I thought it would be nice to put them all in one place so I could find them. Since I have this wondrous platform I decided I should utilize it. from the look of todays date… it could be the twelve days of Christmas Silliness or Crazy… or just plain old weird. I was never sure exactly how that worked even though I do like to sing it. So for the next few days as I can I’m going to put them up. Lets start with Rudolph… Shall we?


This is Raging Rudolph which I first saw On MadTV. I was watching it when it came on and was lucky enough at the time to have been recording it on VHS for my Wife who was at work.  It was December 16th, 1995. It’s sequel, shown below was Aired on December 14th, 1996. The first one was a fan favorite so the Sequel got some hype so a lot of people knew it was going to be on. I didn’t have to tape this one but I did.

The final one in the Rudolph Set is titled “A Pack of Gifts, Now!”. I had forgotten about this one until I was looking for Air dates on the other two. I don’t really laugh with or at this one and am including it only because its part of the trilogy (laugh) It a spoof of Apocalypse Now, but with Rudolph. I’m seeing Dec 13th 1996 as the date air aired but Can’t find it on the actual archives so this could be wrong.



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