Dress Code Matters – Evil Overlords tip #33.

In todays world of Overlords its necessary to take a moment to reflect on the dress-code associated with the faithful female Henchmen. While your legions of terror should have a uniform that inspires fear in the hearts of Heroes regardless of gender, your Henchmen and Trusted Lieutenants should have more freedom to choose. Assuming they stick to the premise of inspiring fear in the troops. With that in mind…. Tip #33.


Evil Overlord 33
Tip #33

Armor, while important is there to increase the survivability of your forces. Bustier’s make it difficult to breath and restrict movement this is a liability in all forms of combat. While it is sometimes important to enhance ones assets in order to capture the Hero, that is an entirely different form of combat. Black is of course, always the best color for formal occasions unless you are a member of Overlord Mings court.



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