A to Z The Truth is out there…

… Yeah I know only I could use a X-Files tagline in blog title. I’m betting it’s not true go look it up 🙂

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Having said that, Truth is something in short supply now. Perhaps it is my naivete from being a kid but I do believe people and TV were more truthful when I was kid vs now. As examles I give you the following list of things that aren’t truthful at all.

  1. My Dogs – They Lie to me with their eye’s. They have been out, as a matter of fact they have been out twice now. As soon as they see me though I get little cries and covert glances at the doors.
  2. The NY Mets – Even when I dont follow them, they lie. Every year it looks like they are goiing to have a good season.. they tell us they will and then BOOM, 23,001 erors in a single game.
  3. The Internet – I look up when a movie plays, it lies, when something opens or closes and it lies, what happened in DC today it lies, how many dead, how many hurt, it lies, how the fire started it lies… oh wait no that’s the news.
  4. The News – See #3
  5. My Kids – Mr. Nobody did it, I dont know who did it, (Kids name) Did it. That one guy did it. Let me say My Mom had it easier when something was broke.. She KNEW I did it lol.
  6. Pants – Pants lie… oh they do so lie, My Pants lie to me all the time when I look at the sizes because there is no way they shouldn’t fit. New pants and old alike LIARS!!
  7. Myself – I’ll just watch one episode of (insert anything on Netflix)
  8. Facebook and anyone using it to say they are so “Done with the Drama”, “Toxic People”, and almost any claim starting with “No one believed it until this happened…”
  9. The Sun – This is one of the biggest lies… In cahoots with The Sky. I look out my window the sun is shining there are white puffy clouds in a bright blue sky. I go outside and BAM… frostbite and frozen eyeballs.
  10. Myself again- Ill keep up on this years A to Z Challenge. (I am caught up again)

Of course… there is always another perspective…

See the source image

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