A TO Z Impossible — We bring you “X”

Every sinking year for the last 10… I get to this letter and lose my mind. A to Z challenge letter “X” is a pain in the ass… Heck its a pain in the world… I can’ be inspired by a letter that is only there because… well I dont even know why it’s there… Spelling things with X could easily be used with other letters. Someone someplace got lazy… kind of like whats going on with the TXT message language. Im suR U knO wot I mean. Stupid language.

Rant over I feel better now. In this case though after sitting down and planning out my month worth of posts based on the alphabet I have this written for the letter x. “X Is stupid every year and I hate it”. Perhaps some of you have something similar written in your own notebooks? Let me know… I look forward to reading other’s X posting every year… So here is mine…

See the source image
Well, I had to do something for A view… like a Klondike bar!

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