Blockbuster Video – Making it a night!

I’m betting most of you know about this one, Blockbuster Video and it’s competitors made it a simple and relatively inexpensive way to have a family event. You could go to a video store and get two movies a couple of bags of popcorn and some soda for under $20. They had old movies and new. Video games for all consoles and snacks to go with it all.


That’s not the missing part though, not really. We have Netflix now, Hulu, Amazon, and separate channels for each TV station plus hundreds of other streaming choices. The missing part, the fun part, was the people. The employees, the ones who knew every movie in the building. You could go in and ask them for a movie recommendation and they could and would help you, because it was fun. The sharing of mutual experiences in a group. Customers, employees, even the vendors that would deliver things… “Hey how was (movie title).

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I can still play a good game of Seven Degree’s of Kevin Bacon.  If you followed along with last years A to Z challenge, you read about a lot of movies that’s what’s missing from Netflix and the others. That sense of community, of shared experiences with a person, face to face. Blockbuster and other Video stores like, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Hastings, Family Video and more helped bring people together.

There are still some left… If you look at the date for the tweet above… well you can see.  It’s a franchise and there are more than one left. While the corporate mindset has poofed away making it more… well weirdly funny, you can follow them on Twitter at Loneblockbuster

It’s a shame the internet took these places from us. I know people say RedBox and Netflix did it, in part that’s true. The larger issue was Bandwidth though and the ability to just click a button to watch something. Blockbuster still has a few stores left. They still have a streaming service owned by Dish Network and they still have those of us that remember how much fun it was. It’s not the same though, the sense of it, the feel… Plus Chet, Carl and Ray, The Dancing Baby…

What was your favorite Video store, tell me a story.



Coolest Monkey in the Jungle – Backlash at H&M is stupid!

Some facts for you….

  1. Kids Like Monkeys!
  2. I like Monkeys!
  3. You like Monkeys!
  4. People are Dumb!

This poor kid has to be singled out and treated differently because he was chosen to model a Sweatshirt that said “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”? The people yelling about how it’s racist need to rethink their lives… Sheesh, KIDS LIKE MONKEYS and he is a kid!

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See it’s a monkey it’s cute.. and it’s sticking its tongue out.

Yelling about how it had to go through several levels of marketing and all those people didn’t see a problem with it… Yeah, they didn’t because they don’t think that way either… YOU DO!!!! So who has the problem? The kid didn’t, The Mom Didn’t, Various company employees didn’t… Here is the apology… Which by the way Is only on the Landing page for The United States, and Puerto Rico. What does that tell you? You can check for yourself, here is the Multinational Landing Page and the apology letter from the U.S. site. Oh and it’s a Swedish Company.

Now they pulled the shirt from the site, pulled the picture and apologized for the mistake on social media. What mistake? Making a Sweatshirt about being the coolest monkey in the jungle and then putting the wrong color kid in it? The Mother’s response to poor H&M’s backlash was great. Ready, she said “Get Over it”!

Taken from H&M’s Twitter feed.

I really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people. Yelling it’s racist, It’s a sweatshirt it’s not racist. There are enough racial issues that need to be dealt with. How about you focus your righteous fury on that instead of stupid shit. H&M’s decision to make the shirt and put a good looking kid in it wasn’t a mistake.  Allowing our perceptions of the past to color our children’s futures by teaching them the wrong lessons, that’s the mistake. Let that Kid and any other kid who wants to be the “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”, be one.



Fake News, Social Media, and You!

Fake news abounds in the world of the Internet now. From the misguided postings of raving idiots to the purposeful spin of the news outlets it all come down to this. How gullible are you?

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Once upon a time watching the news, reading the paper or listening to the radio kept you informed and up to date on the world. You could trust in what you saw, read, and heard to get the truth, or at least the best truth as understood at the time. Not anymore though. Today it’s about ratings and market share, never mind the truth. Report it first, loudly, and incessantly. Then move on to the next story. Make it just as loud if not louder, make it more sensational so even if that first story was wrong no one cares their all riled up about the new story. Rinse and repeat.

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Then there are the accusations that fly like leaves in a hurricane, if one leaf won’t stick throw more in the air. They throw as much out at a person as they can so everyone will be mad at them for something, even when it isn’t true. From the public perspective most people think that it can’t all be true… but some of it must be. As an example, Trump either A. Didn’t want to win at all or, B. Colluded with Russia to win. Those are two accusations are completely opposed to each other, but people accept them as true. Look below… draw your own conclusions… hell print it out and go read twitter or Facebook or watch the news.


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Bring in the masses on social media…  I had a teacher in High School who frequently said “The Masses are Asses”, especially in reference to elections and why we have an electoral college. The phrase stuck with me because it was high school and a teacher cursed, true though. At the time, it was meant to say that common people couldn’t comprehend all the nuances of what went into making decisions on behalf of a nation. Today it means were all a bunch of gullible, uninformed lazy people with access to unlimited knowledge who are more interested in clicking “Like and share” then to look something up before spreading lies and innuendo.  Here, this one make me laugh and is ridiculous. I will give you something to look up though… Do a Google search for Starbucks and Hoax…

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Anyway, rant over… Poor Grandma.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Or As I like to say, Here we go again!

New year, new rules, new person. We would all like to think so with our resolutions and promises to ourselves. Well, I made a few for myself this year, something I usually avoid. Here is how it went… ya went past tense (grin)

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Resolution number 1.

“I will keep to a normal schedule”! This was an attempt to keep to what people would consider “normal”, with some adjustments for my peculiar mindscape (batshit crazy). New Years Eve, went to bed at 10:30 with the intention of waking up at 6:30… Woke up at 2am and stayed up. Oh well, Ill try again. the 1st I went to bed at 10pm intending to be up at 6am… hit my snooze and never heard it again, up at 9am. At this point I decided to just try and be awake during most daylight hours and said the hell with it.

See the source imageResolution number 2.

“I will drink less coffee”! Ok, so, this was to help with the sleep schedule… in theory anyway. I drink a whole lot of coffee on a daily basis. I have cut back now that I’m not running a retail store anymore but I still drink 1 pot… all by myself and sometimes more. I suppose I did achieve this one since I limit  myself to 1 pot a day and sometimes manage to do less.

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Resolution number 3.

“I will post more on my blog.” See this one is a problem since I do this for fun. We all need some fun in our lives. The problem is I have been writing my sleep deprived, coffee infused ass off to make money from being Santa. Fun sort of went out the window mid December when i saw what I was spending. I’m sure you all know the feeling… “No, they don’t really need a coffee pot that brews in the shower…” Ok so I wanted that, you get the idea though right… I knew you would.


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I like his cartoons.

I continue to try and sleep normally… well normaler… (not a word lol) I write this as I have a huge cup of coffee next to me… but Hey I am posting, so 1 out of 3.

How are you resolutions going?



Dress Code Matters – Evil Overlords tip #33.

In todays world of Overlords its necessary to take a moment to reflect on the dress-code associated with the faithful female Henchmen. While your legions of terror should have a uniform that inspires fear in the hearts of Heroes regardless of gender, your Henchmen and Trusted Lieutenants should have more freedom to choose. Assuming they stick to the premise of inspiring fear in the troops. With that in mind…. Tip #33.


Evil Overlord 33
Tip #33

Armor, while important is there to increase the survivability of your forces. Bustier’s make it difficult to breath and restrict movement this is a liability in all forms of combat. While it is sometimes important to enhance ones assets in order to capture the Hero, that is an entirely different form of combat. Black is of course, always the best color for formal occasions unless you are a member of Overlord Mings court.


Winners and Losers… Which are you?

I was going to make this a test but decided I was to much of a loser to figure out how to make that happen.  You see, not everyone can be a winner all of the time without the right mindset to pull it off. Basically you need to be out of your mind, or into it… near it, well at lest the same postal code as your mind.

Now onto the meat of the issue, Everyone is a winner if only they have the right mindset. I always Win… one of my children is the biggest winner in the universe, the cosmos, and the everythingmos. (Winners know that IS a word). It comes down to what you perceive as the outcome or endgame… Did I really lose at checkers or did I have fun and I’m a winner. Did I lose the lottery or did I help support the clerk I bought the ticket from and the school system that lottery funds go to? Did I break my arm or did I just help out the multi-conglomerate-greedy-tax-evading…. hmm Ok new tact. Did I break my arm or did I Learn about x-rays and bone knitting times?

It all about your attitude… Is mine piss poor? You bit your bippy (someone tell me what that is). My attitude is what gets me through my day, dizzy… hey free drunken feeling without hangover. Muscle fatigue… ahhh comfy chair and a dog head in my lap. You decide on how you perceive the world, I don’t have on rose colored glasses.. I’m simply a winner. What are You?




And then this happened!

Hello loyal minions of the blog-o-sphere. Perhaps that is a bit much… Hello Visitors? Bah, HI! How are you? I know it has been a while, stuff happens, and then this happened…

I see that sentence all over my Facebook feed lately, “and then this happened…” Click bait I suppose but I always find myself intrigued to find out what “This”, was.  So far nothing has been anything that would crack my perceptions of the world wide open and leave me gaping into the abyss of my own self doubt and desperation. Alright so that last sentence was a bit much wasn’t it… whatever that’s, what “This” was.


Not a bad flick, Seen it 50 or so times I’m betting.


Anyway, I should be back again, “This”, for me was really a loss of income, 60% of it in fact due to a deterioration of myself, in all ways. A child leaving for college and the gap she left in the household without her wit and humor to be enjoyed. I let myself trick myself into allowing “this” to be all of, well everything. Feeling sorry for myself didn’t help, and to be honest it made some things worse.

So with that in mind… I give you this little tidbit… Life goes on, fucking roll with it. 🙂


Yeah… Not true I don’t Math if I can help it.