Free Light Show – An Age Old Wonder!

I have been driving legally since 1988, like most people I have my  share of tickets from those younger dumber days. I have gotten tickets for the dumbest reasons and some rather stupid (on my part ones).

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This of course ended with me saying that I did “Pay for a nice light show”. On occasion I would add in something about being cheated on the dancers, or they should have had a comic to warm me up first. My cousin was a volunteer firefighter at the time and had a blue light-bar on his truck and would occasionally flip it on just for me so I could get my “Fix” before driving home, hoping to keep me from getting another ticket.

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I had lightshows for speeding, no headlights, driving on the beach, driving off road (in a Camaro), Swerving (hey it was a good song), Loud muffler (same Camaro… the donut ring would snap once a month), One I got citations for 12 things all in one stop because my humor about joke’s or dancing didn’t go well. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t as amused as I was… still isn’t but she married me anyway. When she reads this I will get snarked at again I’m almost certain of it.
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I only get free lightshows now, other people pulled over, firetrucks going by, ambulances on there way to save lives. It’s not as exciting as it was, I’m not as foolish as I once was I suppose. Maybe I’m just boring, who knows?
What’s the dumbest thing you ever got a ticket for?



Help! My Blog Is Discontinued!

After the madness that was April I decided to do some sprucing up around this place. I added three pages, one for the small pile of A to Z challenge award Pixelated wall plaques, another for about me and a contact page. Then I started looking at new formats for the blog itself. You see the Theme for this blog, the layout… it’s discontinued, retired… no longer supported or… BLAM, gone! I can still use it obviously but I was considering new ones.


So??? Anyone really happy with theirs? Something they really love. What about a paid account instead of this free one… Are you happy with what you all have?


That’s it really except… Thanks for coming by


Old system 023


Coffee Dilemma’s – Who needs a Cup?

Phew… I did take just a bit of a break there. After the chaos and suffering of April from the A to Z challenge I really needed to take some time. It’s all gone now, the time… it spiraled off into the universe as a stream of clock hands and a busted Coffee Maker. Oh just to clarify my life was chaos. The suffering was nothing more then a way to make you read this. Well… except for the broken nail I got during that time frame which I already discussed (patent pending).

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It seems there is not going to be enough coffee again in the house for a while. Today the third pot is now brewing for those of us allergic to both Chaos and Darkness, which is everyone in the house.  You see there are now six coffee drinkers in the house. We all use BIG cups, this is the one I have on my desk right now… 20oz coffee goodness holding Tigger-effic awesomeness. I figure My jitters should come with a mascot.

Image result for tigger coffee mug 20 0zHere is how this works, my Son wakes up between 4:30 and 5am every morning. He sometimes makes the first pot and uses a cup the same size as mine. My middle Daughter wakes around 6:30 or 7am and she sometimes grabs a travel Mug for school. Two down out of a 12 cup coffee machine… twelve cups? There is not an 8oz cup in the house except measuring cups. 7:30 to 8am the other four people in the house wake up and stumble for the coffee super serum. That’s pot number 2 and sometimes 3, by 9am… NINE IN THE MORNING!

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This is our machine… the side piece takes coffee grounds in case someone wants to make a cup at 10 at night… 11, 12, 1am and on it goes. Great machine, love it… but the pots are not big enough. So here is the dilemma… Should I get an urn, one of those big ones like a 96 ounce coffee supreme machine the kind they use at functions? Oh.. and I just made Pot number 4 for the day, Wife and I are both home, she on the phone all day doing office work and me typing here and there. Mom is working on a 2000 piece puzzle. I just heard my Son get home , Daughter will be soon… they may want coffee… so Put number 5 is in the pipe already.

60 Cup Commercial Coffee Urn (D50065)…. So what do you think? Seriously… I’m asking. I would have to find a different one since this one wouldn’t fit the mugs under it… but you get the idea right?

Funny Firings – Yes it does Happen!

As a hiring manager you get to read a lot of resumes over the years. Good, bad and funny. I came across a few… notes while clearing all of my records out of my drive and one of them started me thinking. Just what have been some of the better reasons people have given me for leaving there jobs? Which made me remember people I had to let go for outlandish reasons over the years. The picture below, its from an applicant I personally had last year. When you say I know a guy who knows a guy who had this happen… Well you know me, and it happened. When asked about it (yes I interviewed him anyway) He answered “My Manager said they felt they we’re holding me back and thought I should find something else”.


I had to fire a guy on Christmas Eve once… No I am not a jerk. It’s around 8pm and the guy I was working with an I were cleaning just to keep busy until 10 when we closed. A customer comes in and starts talking to my employee as he is wiping down the window ledges inside. I finish up my end of the ledges and walk over glad to have another person to talk to since it had been so quiet. I’m a few feet away when the associate picks a dead fly off the window ledge and flicks it in the customers face and said “Stop bugging me”.

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One more? Sure, why not… From time to time part of my job was to go to other stores and conduct audits then report the results up. I did an audit in a store and discovered some discrepancies in the counts for items not yet on the shelves. It’s a whole 3 pieces but obviously internal theft. I tell the Store Manger and verify they did counts when it was received. Now I ask some of the associates about it. Nothing accusatory just making sure word gets around that it was noticed. One kid completely melts down, almost in tears, apologizes and says he will go get it. Now I’m surprised and a little taken aback by the hysterics but ok. I tell him to sit in the office a minute with his Manager while I make a call to try and work this out. Loss Prevention asks a few questions about shrink (theft) in the store and I tell him the Store Manager says they have no problems at all with shoplifters seems the store has no real issues according to the SM. Looks like it was caught early so it’s agreed the kid can go home bring back what he took and no formal charges would be made.  This is what he brings back… I termed the kid and LP was in the store the following week doing a much more detailed visit. 🙂

Image may contain: indoor

Well.. this is you should never clean out the filing cabinets at home… you find old notes and pictures and suddenly you are typing.

The Award goes to… ME! – I’m a Star!

It seems a new friend has decided I am worthy of being nominated for an award… the one above with the pretty background, that includes a link to the creators blog, one Okoto Enigma.


1. Put the award logo or image in your post.

√ Easy enough… It’s at the top of the page!

2. List all the rules.

√ Rules are listed… not a fan of rules but I can follow simple instructions… In theory anyway.. looks good, I DID IT!!!

3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

√ That would be Supernatural Snark! Thanks by the way, in case I forgot to do that someplace… (looks around the place…) I’ve enjoyed your Blog all this month of April and look forward to what’s next.

4. Tell your readers three things about yourself.

√ Sure thing…

  Number One – I am, in fact, an Elf banished from my home where people do not treat each other the way you humans do. You can see Page 29 for further details. The words under the Title Banner of the Blog are Elvish… in case you are interested.

Number Two – HAHAHAH I made a pun… kinda… never mind just pretend that didn’t happen. So ummm #2. I do content writing for various websites and people. They pay me money, which is why I don’t have my name here cause no one wants to pay the idiot who writes the ridiculous stuff I put on here… or who uses bathroom humor (still can’t believe I did that)

Number 3 – I have been writing since High School… well writing stories anyway, I don’t think Homework counts. I still have some of them, they involve a classmate who we all thought was Evil… Also a murderous chicken. I was heavily influenced by the Far Side by Gary Larson.

5. Nominate readers and notify them.

√ Well now, I can’t nominate the person who nominated me… so let me think. Also… I understand if any of you simply don’t have the time.

Planet Pailly by, J.S. Pailly. Lord knows he doesn’t have enough to do. Love his blog so glad I found it. I learn things and get to laugh as I do it and he gave me hope for poor Pluto. Thank you for a fun month!

All In A Dads Work by, Eric Wood. Not a lot of Dads out there blogging about a Dads life, at least in my experience. Eric has a good sense of humor I’ve enjoyed his posts and laughed along several times as I nodded with him while reading it.

The End Justifies The Journey by J.Gi Federizo. I’ve enjoyed the posts here over the month of April. It ranges around which is part of what I like! It looks like the blog may have already gotten this award… But not with this amazing picture like what I have.. so maybe add a star to it!

True North Bricks  by well… a Canadian/ Finnish Lego person 🙂 Yellow from the looks of his about page. Look on the plus side If someone named me it would be some weird Eye Globe person with delusions. I’ve had a lot of fun reading his Blog this month, he even recommended I break out my Legos and play… So I did, THANKS!

Akousitk by A.K. Prowling I nominated this because sheer determination to finish should be rewarded. So it shall be! At least by me, I enjoyed the posts and the dedication. Good Job!!

Barbed Words by… Well I can’t find who 🙂 That’s ok though since I enjoyed your Blog as well this month. Plus, anyone who claims to be the worlds least prolific Blogger should get an award… for making me chuckle and think too… less so on the thinking though, makes me head hurt!

Dorky Mom Doodles by Hmmm seems here at the end of my list I can’t find names so I will say D.M. Doodle (grin). Been fun all month and the artwork makes me laugh. I see parallels between things her littles do and what mine used to do.

Janet Smiles by Janet… and I think maybe with some input from her husband. Feel free to correct me 🙂 All month I saw scrapbooking about her concert trips and was jealous. I liked her posts, her comments here and had a good time interacting with her.

What Sandra Thinks was nominated by Snark… So I won’t duplicate that on her. But I was thinking of ya! So if you want to answer my questions just for fun.., you can in comments or do the whole thing again (laugh)
6.Link back to the creator of the award.

√ Click the pretty picture up top I bet at this point… you forgot there were numbers since I just keep typing and typing and typing….

7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice with a weird or funny question.

These are the Questions Supernatural Snark asked me!

Fave Backstreet Boys song? Umm Seriously Snark? sheesh… ok umm The one where I didn’t have to hear them sing 🙂 Fine Fine, ok…  The cover they di for “Set adrift on a Memory Bliss” by PM Dawn.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why? Well now… I would like to be able to teleport.. or Dissaporate… or anything that would keep me from having to drive in traffic. The humans irritate me with the non blinker, swerving, nose picking, cutting people off, speaker on wheels having idiocy… so Yah.. teleportation please! 🙂

If I offered you the chance to become invisible or a million dollars which one would you accept? Easy, Invisibility… I could make more than a million just robbing banks at that point.. tie that in with my teleportation super power and I could very shortly own my own Secret lair on some Deserted Island patrolled by Sharks with Friggin laser beams!

Have you ever eaten ice cream with a fork? I didn’t like my answer originally… so I am right now between sentences eating some ice cream with a fork. How’s that for being a team player huh!

Can you touch your nose with your tongue? (I can’t, LOL). Nope but thanks for bringing up painful memories of my youth… all the other kids could do it but not me. They would leave me out of there reindeer games and make fun of me for my glowi… oh wait no, I got myself and Rudolph confused again.

My Questions for the Lovely folks I nominated!

Tell us about something that you used to believe only to find out it was incorrect?

If given the choice between Cake or Death… what would it be?

What was your imaginary friends name and what special skills did they have?

What is your all time most watched movie?

When you have downtime… (Laugh.. yah I know) Ok, If you ever had downtime… What would you do? 

8. Share the link to your best/favorite post of yours.

√ Link to my Favorite.. please do go read it.

Gnomes and if you like it.. it has sequels (laugh) Please though.. comment, like, share… I’ve decided I like followers… Kind of like minions… only not yellow… except True North Bricks his Avatar is yellow 🙂

A to Z Blog Challenge Conclusion!

Good afternoon all of you lovely pixelated people. I just wanted to take a few minutes to put this out there today. This years A to Z Challenge has been a lot of fun for me. My Blog doesn’t typically have a theme it’s a place I use to let off steam or simply put some crazy thought’s I had out into the world so this was fun, and over (laugh).

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I love movies, from the very first one I remember seeing “Star Wars“, when I got an R2D2 and C3PO toy in the Lobby right until my most recent watching “Gifted“. At one time I worked in a Video store and watched 5-10 movies a week. I have seen some amazing films and some that are just awful all around. I even owned the original set of AFI’s top 100 movies I won in a contest. It was fun to take this trip down memory lane with all of you. I wanted to thank you all for visiting me this month and I hope you all stick around.

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Strangely, the last few posts I have done included or could have included Books. My love of books didn’t start until I was 11 or 12 maybe. I had been home sick and My Mom brought me home a Piers Anthony book called Ogre, Ogre so I wouldn’t have to watch soap operas or gameshows anymore. Well two days later… I was hooked and I spent a few weeks in the world of Xanth. It might be early but next year I’m using books as a theme. Unless of course one of you knows of some upcoming challenge Similar to A to Z that I could get myself into just not May… I’m beat 🙂

High Five to all of us in the A to Z Challenge!


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