A to Z The Truth is out there…

… Yeah I know only I could use a X-Files tagline in blog title. I’m betting it’s not true go look it up 🙂

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Having said that, Truth is something in short supply now. Perhaps it is my naivete from being a kid but I do believe people and TV were more truthful when I was kid vs now. As examles I give you the following list of things that aren’t truthful at all.

  1. My Dogs – They Lie to me with their eye’s. They have been out, as a matter of fact they have been out twice now. As soon as they see me though I get little cries and covert glances at the doors.
  2. The NY Mets – Even when I dont follow them, they lie. Every year it looks like they are goiing to have a good season.. they tell us they will and then BOOM, 23,001 erors in a single game.
  3. The Internet – I look up when a movie plays, it lies, when something opens or closes and it lies, what happened in DC today it lies, how many dead, how many hurt, it lies, how the fire started it lies… oh wait no that’s the news.
  4. The News – See #3
  5. My Kids – Mr. Nobody did it, I dont know who did it, (Kids name) Did it. That one guy did it. Let me say My Mom had it easier when something was broke.. She KNEW I did it lol.
  6. Pants – Pants lie… oh they do so lie, My Pants lie to me all the time when I look at the sizes because there is no way they shouldn’t fit. New pants and old alike LIARS!!
  7. Myself – I’ll just watch one episode of (insert anything on Netflix)
  8. Facebook and anyone using it to say they are so “Done with the Drama”, “Toxic People”, and almost any claim starting with “No one believed it until this happened…”
  9. The Sun – This is one of the biggest lies… In cahoots with The Sky. I look out my window the sun is shining there are white puffy clouds in a bright blue sky. I go outside and BAM… frostbite and frozen eyeballs.
  10. Myself again- Ill keep up on this years A to Z Challenge. (I am caught up again)

Of course… there is always another perspective…

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I FORGOT F – Floppy Disks Old School Frustration!

Wow, well, forgot to put in “F” you see i had all of these done in advance but then forgot to put the proper dat on them… Well I put a date and I would have been rocking it next year in April for sure… I’m still not sure how I did that. THEN, I went and looked today thinking I should go wander and read what others had done only to find that… Nothing I did went in AND… just now that “F” was missing… I’m so dumb (laugh).

So Floppy Disks, something these brats to day know nothing about with their fancy cell phones and such. Back in my day we had a 5 1/4 inch disk that held a whopping 85KB (I had to look that up just now.. that seems small)

If you had a really complex game it could be on like 5 disks and if one got damaged or went near a magnet POOF! all gone. and just like cassette tapes over time the information stored on them degraded. Sometimes you could put the drive on its side to get it to read better… Ah my Commodore 64. How I miss they. Nothing like a 200bps cartridge modem to get the juices flowing right.. RIGHT!
See the source imageOn one of those floppy’s was my first game on a pc Zork! and others soon followed over the years (Zork is on my phone right now). Kids now though, no idea what these were used for… coasters perhaps. These were the stepping stones though, they got us where we are now…. plus when they died they were really fun to throw.

Gardening as a hobby!

I remember when my family moved here from the city. My Grandmother wanted a garden in the yard. We didn’t have one when we lived in the city but I’m pretty sure she did as a kid. My Grandfather wanted to make her happy so he put one in. I think he spent more time in it then she did though, planting hoeing, spraying for bugs, keeping the deer out… and the raccoons…. and his grandson who really, really liked string beans 🙂

See the source imageIt was a hobby though something to occupy him when he retired. It started small and gradually grew into the back quarter of the yard. Tomatoes and string beans and carrots. I remember peppers, snap peas and once potatoes… GROSS… digging potatoes out of the mess of the ones you cut up for seeds (ewww) Squash and onions, cucumbers and radishes…. MMMMM In the end you got this 🙂

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When we would have BBQ’s there would be fresh tomatoes for the burgers. My grandparents had something to occupy them and we had fresh vegetables (limited budget for grocery’s but fresh food).  There were flowers all around the house and planters with flowers. Every year we would pull the seeds form the flowers for the next year and then we would plant them in the spring… right around now actually. I cant remember what the little flowers for but they were reddish orange and low growing and we would keep the dead… buds? Heads? well in the basement until it was time to put them in the ground again we would pull the seeds out of the flower head and plant them… Drat.. what were those?

Anyway… I don’t see a lot of gardening anymore, pretty much everyone around us had a small garden, not so anymore though. Seems a shame to me. Maybe I will try this year.

Encyclopedia! Gone but not Forgotten!

When i was a boy and wanted to learn a bit about something I would turn to my family’s handy dandy encyclopedia. I still have them… Mine are from 1987 and have then maps and histories of countries that don’t exist anymore… world maps that look odd with weird borders and animals that have gone quietly into the night.

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There they are…. I used them a lot. You see some of us couldn’t just look something up on the internet and have 500 articles on the snapping turtle. We had maybe 2 pages, after that you went to the library and busted out the card catalog using the Dewey decimal system to find what we needed. (I almost did that for D… but I had to go with DOS since I needed it earlier today).

Anyway, Encyclopedias were something you wanted in your home, it was knowledge and having a set was a big deal when you were in school. I can remember friends coming over to do homework because i had a set and they didn’t. There was even a set of books and cartoons called Encyclopedia Brown all about the adventures of a kid who knew a lot of things who solved crimes… I guess today he could be Wikipedia Brown… But sometimes he would be wrong because he got faulty info. (Grin)

There is an Encyclopedia Website I found, I hadn’t thought to look before but there is one… it says on top Information you can trust! (laugh) Kind of true though, I love Wikipedia but it’s always trust, but verify. So https://www.encyclopedia.com/ There you go verify away 🙂


What the hell is DOS?

Sheesh…. you know DOS…. Hang on let me find the file


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umm… c:\dos\txt

Crap that isn’t it…

Well anyway before there was windows there was DOS. It stood for Disk Operating System and you had to have some idea of how to use it to find anything. I would have little pieces of paper all over the place with file pathways on them on how to get something I needed. Windows used it to as the shell it loaded into to run so there would be times when you would still go in does to find or run something.  Those of us who played games sometimes wouldn’t even load windows so the game would run faster.

See the source imageAnyway, Dos is still there running on your computer right now…. it’s not needed anymore but you can still get to it… Usually when you want to run something and are on the phone with tech support. It’s still there though… I just looked at it for old times sake. I can’t believe I used to do anything in there…. sheesh Just point and click for me!

I’m behind – I haven’t Even Started yet!

I haven’t Even done my Theme Reveal, I forgot to sign up and I’m doing it anyway. Except for the Sign up… I missed the window. Here is what I am going to to do.

1ST. I’m participating, I love this and have done it for years, I don’t always finish, but it would be wrong to skip it because I’m behind before I started. Lets all be honest I always fall behind, most of us do, it’s how we finish that matters.

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2ND. My Theme this year is going to revolve around items we don’t, or I don’t, use anymore. Maybe it’s outdated, maybe it was a novelty… It’s very possible I simply make the thing up that I’m talking about… You know me I’m a ta bit nuts

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3RD. I am getting another cup of coffee… right now. I’m back

4TH.  I think that is it for the intro… (mumbles to self), OH! I forgot pictures… I need to go find some and put them in here so It looks cooler. I also need to think of something for number five since In my head you need at least five things to make a list. Number four will be difficult since I haven’t any idea how to put up a picture of pictures… OH WAIT!!!


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Happy Easter!


5TH. This space intentionally left Blank (So I cheated a Little)


So there we are, I’m participating, you know my theme, and I wished you all a happy Easter!  I know I am forgetting something… Hmmm Double Holiday sheesh…

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A to Z Blog Challenge Conclusion!

Good afternoon all of you lovely pixelated people. I just wanted to take a few minutes to put this out there today. This years A to Z Challenge has been a lot of fun for me. My Blog doesn’t typically have a theme it’s a place I use to let off steam or simply put some crazy thought’s I had out into the world so this was fun, and over (laugh).

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I love movies, from the very first one I remember seeing “Star Wars“, when I got an R2D2 and C3PO toy in the Lobby right until my most recent watching “Gifted“. At one time I worked in a Video store and watched 5-10 movies a week. I have seen some amazing films and some that are just awful all around. I even owned the original set of AFI’s top 100 movies I won in a contest. It was fun to take this trip down memory lane with all of you. I wanted to thank you all for visiting me this month and I hope you all stick around.

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Strangely, the last few posts I have done included or could have included Books. My love of books didn’t start until I was 11 or 12 maybe. I had been home sick and My Mom brought me home a Piers Anthony book called Ogre, Ogre so I wouldn’t have to watch soap operas or gameshows anymore. Well two days later… I was hooked and I spent a few weeks in the world of Xanth. It might be early but next year I’m using books as a theme. Unless of course one of you knows of some upcoming challenge Similar to A to Z that I could get myself into just not May… I’m beat 🙂

High Five to all of us in the A to Z Challenge!


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