Unforgiven – Awesome all Around!

For todays A to Z challenge letter of “U” I have easily chosen Unforgiven. I have always liked Clint Eastwood and it hasn’t changed. Now ass in Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris and… well WOW. Amazing movie, fun and exciting at the same time. Pretty sure it won best picture as well… One of the times I actually agreed with the result.

I had always love Clint Eastwood and for me it had been a long time since I had seen him in anything. Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors on the planet and Gene Hackman well… Lex Luthor in a western… Why the hell not. I knew Richard Harris at the time by face… you know what I mean right? You see him in a movie and go “Hey it’s that guy from that thing we watched.” You know him but can’t remember his name… He went on to do many things but perhaps you all know him as the original Professor Dumbledore before his passing in 2002.

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Surprisingly for an odd letter for movies like “U” I had some others I considered. What is your Favorite movie that starts with this letter. Favorite Western… for me it’s this.

Favorite Quote – Little Bill Daggett – You just shot an unarmed man.

                                Bill Munny –  He should have armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend.

Twister – Todays Movie for A to Z

I know that twister isn’t the first Disaster type movie, but to me it sort of kicked off the natural disaster reboot in the late 90’s and I like those movies. Granted Twister was small scale, but it was so well done that it actually does hold up today. I’m also a big fan of the actors I had/have a small crush on Helen Hunt, and Bill Paxton who recently passed away was a phenomenal actor.

While completely unbelievable in some areas… it’s still a fairly accurate depiction of a Tornado and those crazy people who chase the things. If you are reading this and you are a tornado chaser…. Yes, I said your crazy. I’ve see a few Tornados when I was driving from Utah to Florida and I hate to tell you… Really neat to see…. but. They scared me, I’ll take my yearly dose of Hurricane over these things any day of the week.


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If you somehow missed this film, go watch it. If you have go watch it again. The effects still hold up, for you trivia people this was the first film put out on DVD because it benefited hugely from the higher sound and definition over VHS. I still have my copy here and Blu-ray too… I think I need to have a yard sale 🙂


Favorite Quote – Dusty – It’s the wonder of nature, baby!

S is for Superman!

Superman 1978 with Christopher Reeve as Superman. I have such strong memories of this movie. Its only the second movie I can remember seeing in theater. I could just as easily put the first movie I remember here which is Star Wars but, Superman has a stronger memory attached to it, similar to Jurassic park, except I was seven years old.

My son and I had just watched Batman Vs Superman, I liked it but… That’s not the Superman I know. So I showed him Reeve’s Superman and Hackman’s Lex, clips from YouTube. It still got me the scene with the helicopter… I felt just as I did when I was seven… awed. That’s what movie memories are… anyway. He Remembered watching it with me when he was younger so the saga of movie memories continues.

The effects don’t hold up, the acting does, to me anyway. Gene Hackman was awesome and to this day IS Lex Luthor to me. I don’t like what they have done with Superman, he isn’t so much a force for good anymore, more like convenience. Christopher Reeve played it boyish and a bit naïve maybe but he played it pure. A Hero does good and is responsible. If you want to see Superman as he should be go back and watch I, and II. Ignore III it was just bad, heck so was IV.

Favorite Quote – Lois Lane – “You’ve got me, who’s got you?”

Renaissance Man – Brought to you by A to Z

Renaissance man is a film by Penny Marshal starring Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines. I say that up front because I want you to watch it. Reviews are iffy and it did not do well in theaters but I loved it.


Simple story about the power of teachers really. DeVito plays the guy trying to teach the young soldiers so they might make it through Basic Training. Hine’s plays the kids Drill Instructor who wants the same but feel DeVito is wasting his and the Army’s time.  The kids of course feel nothing will make a difference so why bother.  Of course the fact that he is trying to teach them Shakespeare, makes it funnier to me, especially since he chose Hamlet.

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Favorite Quote – Really Scene – Bill is reading hamlet to the class and one of the soldiers asks if he is going to translate it and Bill Says “Why, It’s in English”.

Its my favorite because I felt the very same way in English when we would go over Shakespeare. I would have loved a translator.

Quest For Camelot – Todays A to Z

Quest for Camelot was one of those kids movies that didn’t get a lot of Love. It’s not Disney but still had a good story, some nice music and was… fun. Come on who doesn’t love a two headed dragon that sings? Plus the Heroine wasn’t a wimp and having to young girls that was important. My wife hates the Disney Heroines for the most part, too needy and whiney. (laugh) She’s a huge fan of Anastasia, me too for that matter. If anyone wants to give that a look.

All three kids would re-enact parts of the movie and argue about who was going to be what. The movie is pretty good really, not just for kids. has a good plot and the voice acting was well done. I think anyone would enjoy this. I find myself enjoying animated films just as much as live action. Honestly, most films today while having live actors… have a lot of computer generated, well, everything. With Rogue One’s release one of the actors was completely computer generated the line is definitely blurred.

Image result for quest for camelot original movie posterThere was not a large collection of “Q” movie titles to choose from. I didn’t realize at first since this one was on my original scrap paper list for the month. out of those I found, Quigley Down Under, which I had forgotten about. Alan Rickman and Tom Sellick, good western funny too. Have a favorite? What might it be, let me know in the comments.

Pocahontas Todays A to Z.

As with Chicken Little for my Son and Lion King for my older Daughter. Pocahontas was my younger Daughters favorite when she was little. Again and again we watched this eventually with her singing along. She still sings now and I think it is from this movie her love of singing began. She’s a Senior in High School now and in every singing group they have.

I think I may have seen this 60 or so times over the years and now if it’s on I just sing along a bit. I think the last time it was watched was around Christmas this past year. I was probably playing a game while it was on just quietly singing along.  Movies are more then what’s on the screen they are memories.

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I don’t have a favorite quote from this as it has been so long since  I actually watched it. What I do have is a memory of my Daughter singing in front of the TV to the character’s.


What’s your favorite “P” movie?

O, God! – Greatest “O” Titled Movie!

George Burns in “O, God!” is a very special kind of movie. I doubt very many people reading this have seen it. It was released in 1977. I really couldn’t tell you when I saw this but I can tell you who I was with. My Grandmother and I watched this on TV one day. I’m sure it wasn’t planned out or anything. She likely saw it in TV guide, maybe half way through my Grandfather came in and we all watched. I’m sure from their perspective it was more like, oh how nice George Burns is still working… Kind of like when we see  an actor from the 80’s we liked do a guest appearance. The trailer is just sooooo out of date. When the sequels came around I went to the theater to see them too.

I watched this over the weekend, and while some of it was pretty outdated I don’t think the message was at all. IN short God decides to choose one person to help spread the word about him… As you can guess, people have trouble believing. At one point during the end he talks about how no one had a problem believing in the devil a few years back… referencing “The Exorcist”.

Oh, God! (movie poster).jpgIf you have never seen this give it a shot, I actually ended up starting to watch this on YouTube but switched over to renting it on Amazon after a few minutes… I kind of got sucked into it, I can’t really explain it.

Favorite Quotes – GOD – The last miracle I did was the 1969 Mets. Before that, I think you have to go back to the Red Sea.

GOD – Tobacco was one of my big mistakes. Ostriches were a mistake. Silly looking things. Avocados, Made the pit too big.