A to Z Blog Challenge Conclusion!

Good afternoon all of you lovely pixelated people. I just wanted to take a few minutes to put this out there today. This years A to Z Challenge has been a lot of fun for me. My Blog doesn’t typically have a theme it’s a place I use to let off steam or simply put some crazy thought’s I had out into the world so this was fun, and over (laugh).

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I love movies, from the very first one I remember seeing “Star Wars“, when I got an R2D2 and C3PO toy in the Lobby right until my most recent watching “Gifted“. At one time I worked in a Video store and watched 5-10 movies a week. I have seen some amazing films and some that are just awful all around. I even owned the original set of AFI’s top 100 movies I won in a contest. It was fun to take this trip down memory lane with all of you. I wanted to thank you all for visiting me this month and I hope you all stick around.

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Strangely, the last few posts I have done included or could have included Books. My love of books didn’t start until I was 11 or 12 maybe. I had been home sick and My Mom brought me home a Piers Anthony book called Ogre, Ogre so I wouldn’t have to watch soap operas or gameshows anymore. Well two days later… I was hooked and I spent a few weeks in the world of Xanth. It might be early but next year I’m using books as a theme. Unless of course one of you knows of some upcoming challenge Similar to A to Z that I could get myself into just not May… I’m beat 🙂

High Five to all of us in the A to Z Challenge!


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Zombieland – How I learned to Love the Twinkie!

Yep, so many movies I could have chosen and I decide on Zombieland. A silly, ridiculous film about  a man on a quest for his favorite snack. No really, that is kind of the story. I’m sure it has some underlying story… I don’t care though I like Twinkies.

If you want to watch a really fun movie with Zombies there are quite a few to choose from, Sean of the Dead and Fido spring to mind easily enough. If you want to watch the BEST funny Zombie movie then look no further you have found it. Since I’m babbling about zombies today. If you really want something different… Read the book “Dust“. It’s written from the zombies perspective and done exceptionally well.

The whole film is just pure entertainment to me, it’s fun and campy and silly and I don’t care at all because it makes me laugh, and laughter is a good thing!
Favorite Quote – Tallahassee – Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards? (He was talking to himself while searching for some Twinkies).


Do you have a favorite Movie starting with “Z”, let me know in the comments.

DING! – You’ve Got Mail.

Granted, Aol isn’t what it used to be anymore. At one time the sound and voice coming through you’re computer that announced you were getting an Email was so much a part of our lives that it became the title of a movie remake in 1998. Yes, ‘You’ve got Mail’ is a remake of an older move that used letter writing rather than email called “The Shop around the Corner”.

I hadn’t watched this is years so last night before writing this out, I watched again… and laughed and laughed… Some of it was a bit dated and it’s ok, wasn’t important but it was funny. If you watch it wait until he complains about Starbucks, it’s kind of true for me. I do feel good after I order.

Give this one a try tonight. Make some Popcorn grab some sugary treat and enjoy. It’s a relaxing diversion for you to look forward to.


Favorite Quote – George Pappas – Well, as far as I’m concerned, the Internet is just another way of being rejected by women.

Xfactor Movies – Films With… Something.

Yep I made it to “X” for the A to Z challenge. As you would expect since there aren’t many mostly 8 types of X-Men. Unless, we go with film ratings which, no I don’t think I will. Here is a list of movies that had a certain something… that made me go Hmm… or I just like… no judging.

Arlington Road –  Twist’s, Turns, wait what? That can’t be the end WHAT THE HELL! Great movie and people should watch this… It is on a very specific list of Films I have for people to watch and I can’t tell you the name of the list or why it’s on it or It would be ruined.

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The Amateurs – The premise… lets get everyone in town together and make a Porno. It’s not, there are a few naked butts here and there but it’s really just extraordinarily funny. Seriously folks… Trust me, this is Great!!!

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Terror Vision – On the same List as Arlington Road… Nothing like it at all except in one respect. It is both typical 80’s and a weird twist on other films. I can’t say it’s an especially great movie because it’s not. Having said that, I saw this in the theater and haven’t seen it since then… but I remember it well and that says something. What it is… different very different, if you start watching it you have to finish it trust me.

The Full Monty – Cracked me up, all of it. My wife picked this for us one night maybe as a joke… maybe not (laugh) but I thought it was great. Some hard working regular guys decide to become the Chippendales.

Waking Ned Divine – Another one of my odd favorites. I won’t go into details but Old man dies from excitement over winning the lottery and then his friends try to claim the money. In my head is a scene where one of the old men is riding a moped naked… I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

Devil – The entire film takes place in an elevator great story fast moving awesome actors. Loved it just loved it. I like Suspense/Thriller/Horror films but they need to be a little smart. 80’s slather films suck… well except Freddy Krueger, he’s AWESOME!

Falling Down – One thing leads to another and sometimes the final straw just spirals everything to hell. Psychotic break… yes indeed.

I had a few more I was thinking of adding it but skipped them… but just in case.

Event Horizon – Weird Sci-fi Horror… Disturbing and I just know there is something I am missing… I just haven’t figured it out so I watch it every 5 years or so.

Boondock Saints – Irish Mob… Crazy

August Rush – Really Great Story a lot of people just never seemed to catch on to.

Memento – Runs backwards… You know everything pretty much right up front but it’s the how… My wife and I still argue on how it went down. WATCH.

Big Fish – A tall tale anyone? One of the nicest oddest stories and oh so much fun.



We Were Soldiers – …Once and Young

I first saw this on a weekend. My wife had been on a bit of a kick every Sunday we would watch a movie with the kids, then later one we wanted to watch. A number of reasons eventually caused it to be called War Movie Sunday… including fighting with the kids to get them to do things so we could watch a movie. We Were Soldiers was for just us to  watch and I think started us using the in house War Movie Sunday reference.

The odd title for this blog is because after watching this I was curious and went and bought myself a copy of the book, “We Were Soldiers Once… and Young” – Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore and Joseph L. Galloway. Mel Gibson played the then Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, and Barry Pepper played Joe Galloway. I have to say, when first watching this and then when I realized it happened… my attitude changed. It’s a great action packed film… but if for just a moment you can imagine, those people lived and died at Ia Drang. It hasn’t been spruced up or changed to make it more of a movie magic moment so the actors you see die, represent soldiers who did die. I’m not trying to convince you not to watch this, it is a fantastic film I just want you to know what it is you are watching.

I’ll leave out my Quote this time since to be honest, I can’t specifically remember one, even after reading some of them to try and jog my memory. Usually the ones I put here are things I say 🙂 In this case… There is a running quote between Plumley and a Soldier involving it being a good morning… Watch the film and see.

A to Z challenge for the letter “V”

I had to put some thought into this one, you see there aren’t a lot of movies that I liked that started with “V”. I mean, John Carpenters Vampires, I love James woods.. but I can’t say this was really all that good. V for Vendetta? Ahhh.. no thanks, it was ok and I must admit I quote it sometimes… but still. I wanted something That had a memory attached to it for me, like the others. So here it is.. an odd choice for me. May I present to you, Victor/Victoria.

Now, I have never actually seen this movie… not once. I have heard it and caught clips of it though. You see long ago I worked at a small company named Blockbuster Video. Every month we would do inventory and this was one of the movies my Store Manager would play so we would have background sound while scanning the whole place. Over the course of the 13 years I worked there, even after I was a Store manager and later a Trainer… If I was doing an inventory or even overseeing one.. I had to play this… and some other musicals but this one stuck (laugh). It reminds me of late night goofing with coworkers while goofin a bit. Oh and that link if you click it… There are still Blockbusters out there, and on demand.

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So, while I can’t say you should watch this… let me say if you are doing some mindless task that you just need to have some background for, this is the one 🙂 Or maybe South Park 🙂 (South Park is one giant musical curse fest)

Favorite Quote – The entire inventory crew to our Store Manager – “Seriously, again… COME ON!!!!!”

Unforgiven – Awesome all Around!

For todays A to Z challenge letter of “U” I have easily chosen Unforgiven. I have always liked Clint Eastwood and it hasn’t changed. Now ass in Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris and… well WOW. Amazing movie, fun and exciting at the same time. Pretty sure it won best picture as well… One of the times I actually agreed with the result.

I had always love Clint Eastwood and for me it had been a long time since I had seen him in anything. Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors on the planet and Gene Hackman well… Lex Luthor in a western… Why the hell not. I knew Richard Harris at the time by face… you know what I mean right? You see him in a movie and go “Hey it’s that guy from that thing we watched.” You know him but can’t remember his name… He went on to do many things but perhaps you all know him as the original Professor Dumbledore before his passing in 2002.

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Surprisingly for an odd letter for movies like “U” I had some others I considered. What is your Favorite movie that starts with this letter. Favorite Western… for me it’s this.

Favorite Quote – Little Bill Daggett – You just shot an unarmed man.

                                Bill Munny –  He should have armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend.