Calvin and Hobbs – What more is there to say!

Calvin and Hobbs was is and always shall be one of my most favorite comic strips of all time. If you don’t know what I am talking about there are several websites you can peruse to see the artistry that Mr. Watterson created. The official site is updated daily with a new comic strip from years past.

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The comic is all about a young boy and how he perceives the world…Or how his pet tiger Hobbs does. It’s hard to say… because to Calvin, Hobbs is real not a stuffed toy. The Comic always made me think, or laugh and usually both. At times then i could see myself in it… later on it gave insights into my children.

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Calvin gets himself in some trouble from time to time… usually at Hobb’s urgings but it’s how he sees the world. There are worse ways to go through life we all seem to lose sight of the wonder of things eventually. Imagination stagnates when not used regularly, and lord knows we aren’t encouraged to use it in a way that isn’t productive.

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Everyone go read some comics today…. relax let your imagination run… I’m going to spend some time with my old friends now… be well.

Blockbuster Video – Making it a night!

I’m betting most of you know about this one, Blockbuster Video and it’s competitors made it a simple and relatively inexpensive way to have a family event. You could go to a video store and get two movies a couple of bags of popcorn and some soda for under $20. They had old movies and new. Video games for all consoles and snacks to go with it all.


That’s not the missing part though, not really. We have Netflix now, Hulu, Amazon, and separate channels for each TV station plus hundreds of other streaming choices. The missing part, the fun part, was the people. The employees, the ones who knew every movie in the building. You could go in and ask them for a movie recommendation and they could and would help you, because it was fun. The sharing of mutual experiences in a group. Customers, employees, even the vendors that would deliver things… “Hey how was (movie title).

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I can still play a good game of Seven Degree’s of Kevin Bacon.  If you followed along with last years A to Z challenge, you read about a lot of movies that’s what’s missing from Netflix and the others. That sense of community, of shared experiences with a person, face to face. Blockbuster and other Video stores like, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Hastings, Family Video and more helped bring people together.

There are still some left… If you look at the date for the tweet above… well you can see.  It’s a franchise and there are more than one left. While the corporate mindset has poofed away making it more… well weirdly funny, you can follow them on Twitter at Loneblockbuster

It’s a shame the internet took these places from us. I know people say RedBox and Netflix did it, in part that’s true. The larger issue was Bandwidth though and the ability to just click a button to watch something. Blockbuster still has a few stores left. They still have a streaming service owned by Dish Network and they still have those of us that remember how much fun it was. It’s not the same though, the sense of it, the feel… Plus Chet, Carl and Ray, The Dancing Baby…

What was your favorite Video store, tell me a story.


A to Z – Analog, Where did that ticking go?

As the first thing for this years A To Z Challenge I have chosen to highlight the things we have lost I have chosen Analog. I know Digital is better, or at least you think so (Damn Kids). Truth is though some items were better that way. Here to prove my theory, and make my points for me is… well ME!

Here’s the thing though, I’m not a luddite, I like technology, I also like clocks… that TICK! Lets throw watches in there as well. Clocks, Watches, Kitchen timers. I’m thinking I may have lost you… I like the idea of time passing in measured strokes and I know we have all lost something from it’s removal in our lives, luckily I’m here to remind you of some of what you have lost.

Watches that tick – They weren’t loud like the above clock but they were peaceful background for me while I was sleeping with my arm under my head… ticked off to sleep, and not in a cranky sort of way that sentence connotes. I liked the background,. quiet passing of time. And winding it to me seemed like a ritual of refreshing the day anew.

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School clocks – To be fair, It seemed slower than it was but you knew time was passing when you were all supposed to be in silent study reading pages 53-65 in your text books. It seemed like it would never end as you read the same paragraph over and over again but, you knew for certain that it was because the side of time plodding along accompanied you through the day.

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Kitchen Timers – Never, not once, was I ever worried that something was going to burn because the timer stopped because of batteries. I could HEAR it while I was doing other things. A quiet background to accompany the rest of my tasks while completing a meal. If I wandered away I could take it with me too. Tick-tocking my way to nutrition… or just a kick ass heaping of pasta.

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Television and Movies – I’ll give you a few general examples here.

The hero exits the building and approaches the car… he stops, tilting his head a bit. What is that ticking sound… Could it be, OH NO!!!! A BOMB!!

Pan in from above to a group of kids entering the old house for the first time, its dark and there are cobwebs all around them as they enter, a sound, surrounds them, the inexorable ticking of a grandfather clock it seems to permeate the entire house. The two kids move forward into a darkened room, The Clock Stops, Total Silence.

Then there is poor Captain Hook. Peter Pan would have been a lot different if it wasn’t for a ticking crocodile.

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Analog was a part of our lives, sure we can still get an old watch or clock but what about our kids… and their kids. What about Captain Hook? I feel bad for todays youth for so many things but the loss of the ticking is a small part I actually worry about. Stay tuned for the rest of the month as I go over some of the other items, ideas and made up stuff I wish were still active in the world.

What do you miss about Analog devices? Is it the ticking? I bet it is now!


Oh and…. I lied, I’m not behind April Fools 🙂

I’m behind – I haven’t Even Started yet!

I haven’t Even done my Theme Reveal, I forgot to sign up and I’m doing it anyway. Except for the Sign up… I missed the window. Here is what I am going to to do.

1ST. I’m participating, I love this and have done it for years, I don’t always finish, but it would be wrong to skip it because I’m behind before I started. Lets all be honest I always fall behind, most of us do, it’s how we finish that matters.

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2ND. My Theme this year is going to revolve around items we don’t, or I don’t, use anymore. Maybe it’s outdated, maybe it was a novelty… It’s very possible I simply make the thing up that I’m talking about… You know me I’m a ta bit nuts

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3RD. I am getting another cup of coffee… right now. I’m back

4TH.  I think that is it for the intro… (mumbles to self), OH! I forgot pictures… I need to go find some and put them in here so It looks cooler. I also need to think of something for number five since In my head you need at least five things to make a list. Number four will be difficult since I haven’t any idea how to put up a picture of pictures… OH WAIT!!!


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Happy Easter!


5TH. This space intentionally left Blank (So I cheated a Little)


So there we are, I’m participating, you know my theme, and I wished you all a happy Easter!  I know I am forgetting something… Hmmm Double Holiday sheesh…

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A to Z Blog Challenge Conclusion!

Good afternoon all of you lovely pixelated people. I just wanted to take a few minutes to put this out there today. This years A to Z Challenge has been a lot of fun for me. My Blog doesn’t typically have a theme it’s a place I use to let off steam or simply put some crazy thought’s I had out into the world so this was fun, and over (laugh).

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

I love movies, from the very first one I remember seeing “Star Wars“, when I got an R2D2 and C3PO toy in the Lobby right until my most recent watching “Gifted“. At one time I worked in a Video store and watched 5-10 movies a week. I have seen some amazing films and some that are just awful all around. I even owned the original set of AFI’s top 100 movies I won in a contest. It was fun to take this trip down memory lane with all of you. I wanted to thank you all for visiting me this month and I hope you all stick around.

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Strangely, the last few posts I have done included or could have included Books. My love of books didn’t start until I was 11 or 12 maybe. I had been home sick and My Mom brought me home a Piers Anthony book called Ogre, Ogre so I wouldn’t have to watch soap operas or gameshows anymore. Well two days later… I was hooked and I spent a few weeks in the world of Xanth. It might be early but next year I’m using books as a theme. Unless of course one of you knows of some upcoming challenge Similar to A to Z that I could get myself into just not May… I’m beat 🙂

High Five to all of us in the A to Z Challenge!


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Zombieland – How I learned to Love the Twinkie!

Yep, so many movies I could have chosen and I decide on Zombieland. A silly, ridiculous film about  a man on a quest for his favorite snack. No really, that is kind of the story. I’m sure it has some underlying story… I don’t care though I like Twinkies.

If you want to watch a really fun movie with Zombies there are quite a few to choose from, Sean of the Dead and Fido spring to mind easily enough. If you want to watch the BEST funny Zombie movie then look no further you have found it. Since I’m babbling about zombies today. If you really want something different… Read the book “Dust“. It’s written from the zombies perspective and done exceptionally well.

The whole film is just pure entertainment to me, it’s fun and campy and silly and I don’t care at all because it makes me laugh, and laughter is a good thing!
Favorite Quote – Tallahassee – Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards? (He was talking to himself while searching for some Twinkies).


Do you have a favorite Movie starting with “Z”, let me know in the comments.

DING! – You’ve Got Mail.

Granted, Aol isn’t what it used to be anymore. At one time the sound and voice coming through you’re computer that announced you were getting an Email was so much a part of our lives that it became the title of a movie remake in 1998. Yes, ‘You’ve got Mail’ is a remake of an older move that used letter writing rather than email called “The Shop around the Corner”.

I hadn’t watched this is years so last night before writing this out, I watched again… and laughed and laughed… Some of it was a bit dated and it’s ok, wasn’t important but it was funny. If you watch it wait until he complains about Starbucks, it’s kind of true for me. I do feel good after I order.

Give this one a try tonight. Make some Popcorn grab some sugary treat and enjoy. It’s a relaxing diversion for you to look forward to.


Favorite Quote – George Pappas – Well, as far as I’m concerned, the Internet is just another way of being rejected by women.