Coffee Dilemma’s – Who needs a Cup?

Phew… I did take just a bit of a break there. After the chaos and suffering of April from the A to Z challenge I really needed to take some time. It’s all gone now, the time… it spiraled off into the universe as a stream of clock hands and a busted Coffee Maker. Oh just to clarify my life was chaos. The suffering was nothing more then a way to make you read this. Well… except for the broken nail I got during that time frame which I already discussed (patent pending).

Image result for chaos and darkenss

It seems there is not going to be enough coffee again in the house for a while. Today the third pot is now brewing for those of us allergic to both Chaos and Darkness, which is everyone in the house.  You see there are now six coffee drinkers in the house. We all use BIG cups, this is the one I have on my desk right now… 20oz coffee goodness holding Tigger-effic awesomeness. I figure My jitters should come with a mascot.

Image result for tigger coffee mug 20 0zHere is how this works, my Son wakes up between 4:30 and 5am every morning. He sometimes makes the first pot and uses a cup the same size as mine. My middle Daughter wakes around 6:30 or 7am and she sometimes grabs a travel Mug for school. Two down out of a 12 cup coffee machine… twelve cups? There is not an 8oz cup in the house except measuring cups. 7:30 to 8am the other four people in the house wake up and stumble for the coffee super serum. That’s pot number 2 and sometimes 3, by 9am… NINE IN THE MORNING!

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This is our machine… the side piece takes coffee grounds in case someone wants to make a cup at 10 at night… 11, 12, 1am and on it goes. Great machine, love it… but the pots are not big enough. So here is the dilemma… Should I get an urn, one of those big ones like a 96 ounce coffee supreme machine the kind they use at functions? Oh.. and I just made Pot number 4 for the day, Wife and I are both home, she on the phone all day doing office work and me typing here and there. Mom is working on a 2000 piece puzzle. I just heard my Son get home , Daughter will be soon… they may want coffee… so Put number 5 is in the pipe already.

60 Cup Commercial Coffee Urn (D50065)…. So what do you think? Seriously… I’m asking. I would have to find a different one since this one wouldn’t fit the mugs under it… but you get the idea right?