Pocahontas Todays A to Z.

As with Chicken Little for my Son and Lion King for my older Daughter. Pocahontas was my younger Daughters favorite when she was little. Again and again we watched this eventually with her singing along. She still sings now and I think it is from this movie her love of singing began. She’s a Senior in High School now and in every singing group they have.

I think I may have seen this 60 or so times over the years and now if it’s on I just sing along a bit. I think the last time it was watched was around Christmas this past year. I was probably playing a game while it was on just quietly singing along.  Movies are more then what’s on the screen they are memories.

Image result for pocahontas original poster

I don’t have a favorite quote from this as it has been so long since  I actually watched it. What I do have is a memory of my Daughter singing in front of the TV to the character’s.


What’s your favorite “P” movie?