Dress of Success — Evil Overlords should dress in bright colors!

Ming The Merciless was a very Dapper Evil Overlord.

Evil Overlords are a breed apart. The dress in somber black and have an oppressive air about them at all time. People try to imitate them attempting to bring a sense of preternatural dread to their otherwise unimposing selves. Hom many dark robed psychopaths do we need? How many shredded cloak wearing faceless whatevers are necessary? Dare to be different, how confused would the hero be if confronted with brightly clad legions of terror?

We don’t want to take this to far of course; you should dress the part. However, your troops shouldn’t always. White Clad Stormtroopers in a jungle campaign is stupid, likewise, bright-redĀ  coats and walking in straight lines is idiotic. You want to cause confusion not a self-imposedĀ  massacre of your own forces. Everything in moderation is the point here. Utilize all the tools at your disposal.

Don’t just run out and deck yourself out in a “Ming” like outfit though, remember the point is to be uniques, be one of a kind, be an Evil Overlord that other less well gifted people will mimic. Let them be the posers, the pretenders and unimaginative and you be a trend setter.