Terrorism, The Media, and You.

It’s not to often that I feel the need to poke my head up and comment on things world wide. I do believe I have a different take on how the world works, or doesn’t work, if we choose to be honest with each other.

I firmly believe that the media for whatever reason try’s to scare rather than inform people. I won’t try to assign motive to their actions as a whole but let me just point something out to you. That is a form of terrorism, it’s propaganda and the two go hand in hand. Propaganda has always been a form of terrorism and that’s what the media gives us now. We don’t get facts based news anymore, we get opinions based on what sells media buys. How is that a good thing? Instead of being able to focus on what is important and how to fix things we are more focused on how it got that way, or may have gotten that way, or whos fault it is, or what the Kardashians might be up too. This poor world of ours has serious problems

For those of you not living in the US who read this, I’m not sure how things are reported where you are but I’m pretty certain you watched the last Elections here in the US and shook your heads. Lord knows I did, most of us living here did. The media did that, hand in hand with the political forces at play here. Distraction and misdirection… never mind the truth. Here is a perfect example that we have all seen. Any link, or shared or Viral post that does something like this – “Trump visits Israel, First Lady Avoids Handholding.” I’m pretty sure there were more news worthy things that could have been communicated to us. Don’t you? But social media is where many people now get their “news” from. Its quick and easy, headlines or 140 characters is the longest we can pay attention to, that’s on us.

I personally feel President Trump is not Presidential as we have come to expect from the person holding the highest office here. My problem is the media laying motive and nefarious meanings behind his Gaffes. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “gaffe” It’s a statement made by a politician that while true shouldn’t have been said because of how it could appear. Enter President Trump, there have been few things that he’s said I agreed with but I shook my head at 90% of them even when I agreed with him.

Michael Kinsley, who said, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth, some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

I read through different articles today about his visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican… That’s a big deal isn’t it? Christianity, Judaism and Islam… I saw more pieces about his wife not holding his hand, his grade school note and how he’s going to steel everyone’s benefits, Russia, and How great Ariana Grande is… that article was under the guise of heroics at the bombing.

The Manchester bombing… currently 22 dead and 64 injured. Let that sink in for a moment… 22 people gone because of Terrorism, because some poor soul thought it was a righteous act, and firmly believed he was doing good. Most of the population on this planet believe that to be insane but some don’t because they believe only in what they are told, by people and sources they trust, let that sink in… Sources They Trust. Could there ever have been a better time to talk about how three of the most influential religious institutions on this planet could be a force for change?

Aside from the obvious journey I led you on… and I hope you found your way. Let me leave you with this… From the Dalai Lama in 2016… who is considered to be something of a terrorist himself by the Government of China… Its all a matter of perception isn’t it?

“Buddhist terrorist. Muslim terrorist. That wording is wrong. Any person who wants to indulge in violence is no longer a genuine Buddhist or genuine Muslim, because it is a Muslim teaching that once you are involved in bloodshed, actually you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam.”.