Quest For Camelot – Todays A to Z

Quest for Camelot was one of those kids movies that didn’t get a lot of Love. It’s not Disney but still had a good story, some nice music and was… fun. Come on who doesn’t love a two headed dragon that sings? Plus the Heroine wasn’t a wimp and having to young girls that was important. My wife hates the Disney Heroines for the most part, too needy and whiney. (laugh) She’s a huge fan of Anastasia, me too for that matter. If anyone wants to give that a look.

All three kids would re-enact parts of the movie and argue about who was going to be what. The movie is pretty good really, not just for kids. has a good plot and the voice acting was well done. I think anyone would enjoy this. I find myself enjoying animated films just as much as live action. Honestly, most films today while having live actors… have a lot of computer generated, well, everything. With Rogue One’s release one of the actors was completely computer generated the line is definitely blurred.

Image result for quest for camelot original movie posterThere was not a large collection of “Q” movie titles to choose from. I didn’t realize at first since this one was on my original scrap paper list for the month. out of those I found, Quigley Down Under, which I had forgotten about. Alan Rickman and Tom Sellick, good western funny too. Have a favorite? What might it be, let me know in the comments.