About Me – Who The heck is this Person?

Well… That’s a good question. I’m still figuring that out every day. I’ve been a few things already though.

I’ve been a Kid – I still am a kid at heart, I enjoy simple things and still have a sense of wonder.

A Teen – Know it all, devil may care knucklehead… I grew out of it for the most part… Except for stubborn, I’m still stubborn.

An Airman – This part of me knocked most of the teen part right out. Nothing like being in the military to fix that problem.

A Husband – This year 2017 is 25 years married. Good times were many, and so were the Bad. That’s life, just like life though… don’t give up. Til’ death… indeed.

A Parent – Three kids… Parenting helped me hold on to the Kid I once was and in return my kids had a good time.

A Manager – A damn good retail manager as a matter of fact. I have all the wall of me stuff to prove it. Things change though… so now.

A Writer – This is what I am now, all the other parts of me help to make me a good one. I learn and improve everyday.


So that’s me… leaving out the Elf part, that’s a given after all.